Gap Credit Card Review: Gap Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Gap Credit Card

Gap Credit Card is powered by Gap, an online financial company that offers various services to its users. The Gap credit card.

Gap as a credit card provider, has a simple and very easy to use customer web portal for Gap Credit Card users. You can easily activate your credit card, add an authorized user, check your balance, make a payment, as well as sign up for paperless statements once you are logged into the Gap portal. So you see, you have got q lot to do with the Gap portal and they are things you can easily do from the comfort of your home provided you know how to do it. In this post, we will be walking you through the steps you need to take about accessing your Gap Online account as well as setting up an account if you are yet to have one. So just read down.

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Please do take a moment to read the Gap online privacy policy in its entirety, as  doing so will keep you informed of the various ways in which your general and personal information is going to be used and protected throughout the sign in/Registration and account usage time.

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Gap Credit Card Login | How to Login Gap Credit Card

Gap Credit Card login

  1. First go to the Gap login homepage.
  2. Now, enter your Username or ID in the blank field and click the Login link.
  3. Now, on the next page, kindly enter your account Password and click login to have access to your online account.

If you have in any way forgotten your User ID or password, then you may retrieve it with help from the Gap support. All you need to do is simply click “Lookup User ID” and you will be taken to another page where you will need to provide the answer the following information:

  • Account number
  • The last 4 digits of your Social Security number

Once you have entered all the correct information required, click on the “Continue” button to begin the retrieval process.

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Gap Credit Card Registration/Activation

To activate your new Gap Credit Card and set-up an online account, you have two option to choose from which are;

  • Either call the registration number provided above or
  • Enroll online.
  1. To enrol and activate your card online, you will first need to click the “Secure registration” link provided above. On the next page, click on the “Register & Activate” link.
  2. Now, you will need to enter your account number.
  3. Validate your card
  4. Install your personal security parameters
  5. Provide an image for your Gap account.
  6. Finalize the account before creation.

Once all of these steps have been successfully followed, then you have just succeeded in setting up an online account for your Gap Credit Card which you can use to make instant online payments, access previous monthly statements, and request additional cards if you want.

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