How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Not Available in your Country

How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

Many will be thinking that this is about internet censorship in countries like china or Pakistan where ISPs frequently block access to site like YouTube following government orders. Actually, YouTube has some restrictions on videos for different Countries due to some political issues or it can be other factor as Well. You could be staying in a country like UK,US, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia or India but may not be able to  watch every video on YouTube.

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However, there are reasons behind this; the content owners have allowed access to that video only from certain countries or geographic region, so if your computers IP address falls outside that geographic region YouTube will display an error saying “this video is not available in your country. Other reason may be; sometimes YouTube block some videos for some country due to some issues. Cry no more my friends because I came prepared. In this post, we shall be looking at the various way on How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos from anywhere, anytime!

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Many of you might have come across some tricks on how to watch blocked videos on YouTube and sometimes the tricks will disappoint you when you needed it most. But I came with interesting package on how to bypass the video blockage.

Here are the steps on How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in your country:

  • Using VPN:

It is the easiest approach to fix this error yet most effective as well.   Follow the guides bellow carefully. In below guide,

I am using PD Proxy VPN, but you can use any VPN of your choice

(Make sure you select one with high speed servers).

  1. At first, Download PD Proxy and get premium account of PD Proxy from here.
  1. Select any server and Click on Connect. (Select Server based on country in which video is available).
  1. Now Visit that video page and enjoy the video.

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  • Fix this video is not available in your country by Hola Extension.

Hola extension is a new popular extension method of watching restricted videos on YouTube videos.

However, Hola is an extension which changes your IP location for free so that you could be able to access location restricted YouTube videos for free.

  1. Make sure you properly download Hola Extension and activate it.

Download Hola Extension for Chrome or Hola extension for Firefox, or Hola for android devices, depending on the platform you are using.

  1. Now, be ready to face that error of this video is not available in

Your country last time.

  1. Open the URL of YouTube video which you are unable to access.
  1. Click on Hola Extension icon which is located above Bookmarks Bar. Change country location Hola
  1. Once you have clicked on Hola Extension icon, you will see some

Variety of country flags.

  1. Select the country of choice, and Reload the page.

Now, you can watch country restricted videos with ease for free.

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  • The last but not the list is a simple and easy trick. Follow the steps carefully;

If the URL of the YouTube video is – now, simply replace the /watch?v= part with /v so your new URL will look like this

Make sure you do this correctly and you are good to go.

Another alternative is that you may download the YouTube video and watch it offline, here is my detailed guide on How to download Youtube videos for free.  The other trick is that you type the YouTube video URL inside Google Translate and use the free Google Proxy Server. You can read more of Google Proxy server from

In conclusion, I strongly believe that these methods on how to access the error “this video is not available in your country” will be effective once properly done. At this juncture I have to tell you that every method are tested and trusted so you can make use of any of the methods.

Hoped you found this article helpful.



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