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Hushmail own as the web homepage, It’s an email based service with powerful security enhanced. It’s just like your normal email service like Gmail, Yahoomail, AOLmail. You can receive, read and compose your email on the web once you’re logged in; has added encryption which is a very important security features and two-step verification process to help keep users data safe.

Hushmail over the time has been providing secure e-mail, private and encrypted web-mail solutions since 1999 since it’s an enhanced email security to keep your data safe.


Why choosing Hushmail?

It’s very critical when it comes to handling sensitive issues and classified data online like secured email, it is always a risk. There are more thieves online than you find in real life. And those internet thieves are always listening to hack into your system, steal your important information, emails or even ruin your virtual business of a company. So, if you are running any company that handles very sensitive data that cannot be leaked, you may want considering services of secure Email providers like Hushmail. There are lots of email providers out there who give you extra security on premium base (not for free). Email Login services, protonmail service are just a very few among them that provides awesome secure email services. And in this review, we will be taking the secure email services of

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Hushmail is focused on providing a secure email services to its users. The account sign up is free. With Hushmail account, you can encrypt every email in your account as this will keep non-authorized persons away from your email files. Hushmail email login enables you to get a top notch email security for free. You can as well get your own private email if you already own an email domain. So now, how do you create a Hushmail account? The answer is resolved below.

Features of Hushmail

  • Email and encryption in one solution
  • Easy encryption
  • Multiple layers of security
  • Two-step verification
  • Business model built around privacy
  • Accessible everywhere you work
  • Send encrypted email to anyone
  • Use your own domain
  • Unlimited email aliases
  • Data safely stored in Canada
  • Dedicated customer support and lots more.

How to create Email login account

  1. Kindly open and visit the com sign up page in your internet browser or go to hush from the address bar of your internet browser.
  2. From the sign up page seen, you can create your own free login account and enjoy all the awesome features that come with it.


  1. Now, kindly fill in the Hushmail email form by entering the correct information in their correct fields. Choose your email address (your email username) and enter the new passphrase (password).


Note: Use a long passphrase that you can easily remember because you can’t recover your Password from the Hushmail Email account if forgotten, I suggest you note it somewhere for reference.

  1. Once you have filled the email form, check on the terms and conditions of the Email system and all its obligations. And, then click on the “create account now” button. Then you’re done.


That’s all about sign in account. After you successfully created the Hushmail account, you can as well choose the Hushmail account type you want which can be either the Business or Personal account. Also you will set up the necessary encryption for the emails that you send and receive. So now, how do you use your email account?

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How to log into your Hushmail Email account | Hushmail sign in

If you already have a account, you can as well use it to access your Hushmail account. You can use your account to send and receive the emails in a more secure way. Kindly follow the steps below for your sign in

  1. Kindly open Hushmail sign in page from your internet browser or go straight to the Hushmail login page from here
  2. On the upper right hand corner of the Hushmail login page, you will see a sign in option beside the form asking for your email. Now, kindly enter your Hushmail email ID and click on the “sing in” button.


  1. Now kindly, enter your Hushmail email account password in the next step and Click Sign in.

Once you’re logged into your email account, you can now compose, draft, send and receive emails from your account.

Well guys, that’s where I will stop for now, I know there might be some glitches in the article. If you run into problem in the course of this post on, Please make use of the comment box below.

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