the internet of things:10 things in tech you need to know today

Things in tech you need and  the internet of things


Greetings our dear reader, we’re very sorry that we’ve not been publishing monthly update about the headlines on technology that you need to know. As usual, we root out these Tech headlines from Business Insider and Techcrunch. But I this episode of Tech trends that you need to know, we have rifted them from Business Insider. So below are the 10 things in technology that you need to know today.  the internet of things is not left behind. You can see our last episode of Tech things ans ioT that you need to know


  1. A company named Cellebrite in Israel might be helping the FBI to unlock the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. The company has a forensic security division. (Internet and gadget security)
  2. It reported that Google is planning a massive expansion of its data center empire just like Facebook Data Centre. It’s expanding the Google Cloud storage Platform to more 12 regions between now and the end of 2017. This is indeed in line with the huge growth predicted to favor the internet of things. ( the internet of things)
  3. Apple company worries and might face spy technology that has been secretly added to the computer servers it buys. At some point, its reported that the company even had people taking photographs of the motherboards in the computer servers it was using for its service.
  4. You also need know it that photos claiming to show the controller for Nintendo’s new NX console have leaked online (well we caant really tell if its coursing controversy or not). The photos, which were posted on Reddit, show a slick, oval-shaped controller. ( the internet of things)
  5. Google has visited a pawn shop to get back a leaked version of the new Google Glass. Although the pawn shop had listed the product (device) on eBay earlier on. (iot,  the internet of things)
  6. Still on Tech iot, One angry programmer almost ruined the internet as he broke a whole mess of the software the internet runs on with the simple deletion of one simple program consisting of 11 lines of code. The full report will come in a later post.
  7. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence chat bot named “Tay” has been shut down. As Twitter users taught it to be a racist act. (iot,  the internet of things)
  8. Some Pirates have leaked a Blu-Ray version of the latest “Star Wars” movie online. There have been pirated versions of “The Force Awakens” available online before — but it will interest you to know that these have all been “cam” copies secretly recorded in cinemas using handheld cameras and nothing more than that. ( the internet of things).
  9. Now, the CEO and COO of Elite Daily, the millennial news site acquired by The Daily Mail last year is about to leaving the company. They will leave the company on March 31, please read more about this on Business Insider.
  10. Its reported that Google is making a keyboard for the iPhone to boost Google searches on iOS device. It will let users swipe to type and could include GIF search too. (internet of things devices).
  11. You can read the full article for each headline of 10 things in tech that you need to know from Business Insider.

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