10 Things You Should Know About Chris Kwekowe, The Nigerian Entrepreneur Who Rejected Job Offer From Bill Gates


about Chris Kwekowe

Chris Kwekowe is a young Nigerian entrepreneur. He is MIT/Harvard trained innovative Ed-Tech. Chris is passionate about technology and the average African youth. In August 2016, Chris Kwekowe recently down a job offer from Microsoft CEO (Bill Gates) to follow his passion in building his digital Learning company. Chris is the CEO of Slatecube, which he co-founded with his your brother Emerald.

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To cut the whole story short, we bring you 10 vital things you need to know about Chris Kwekowe, the young and talented Nigerian entrepreneur.

  1. Chris Kwekowe was born on 12th January, 1993.
  2. He schooled in Benin City Nigeria.
  3. He was awarded best student in Economics and Computer Science while in school.
  4. He was initially offered to study Biochemistry in Ogun state but the young entrepreneur turned it down to study computer science.
  5. Kwekowe won an award for innovative teenager in 2012.
  6. Chris Kwekowe studied Computer science at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka in Anambra state.
  7. He was awarded with $25,000 grand prize for youngest entrepreneur for the 5th edition of Anzisha.
  8. Chris Kwekowe is also guest exhibitor and member of the Institute Of Software Practitioners Of Nigeria.
  9. He also studied Global Entrepreneurship, Business Administration & Management & Operations in Massachusetts Institute Of Technology.
  10. Chris is currently the CEO of Slatecube which he co-founded with his younger brother Emerald Kwekowe.


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