About Us

About Us

techliet.co is a web technology blog owned by GT Group of companies with Igwe Chrisent Nnamdi (Gudtalent) as the Founder and CEO. Gudtalent is a Writer, Tech and Business lover with over 4 years’ experience in the business world. Gudtalent also own gtpedia.com (A business and entrepreneur blog)

Techliet is a blog designed to give our readers a How to tech guide in solving any practical problem as related to Technology which covers Online Services and Email how to guides, Software and app review, Social media, Tech insider News and tutorials.

We are the best in giving our readers the step by step guide tutorials, giving recommendations with apps, however, we take any tech question as regards the above categories mentioned above refer you to other sites or forum whenever we cannot provide answers to some questions.

So whether, you’re an end user, social media user, office worker, tech insider lover or need to get a review of an application or software, we are here to give you the best of it. You can Like us on Facebook, share your solutions with friends and kindly drop your comment whenever you want us to put up a solution to a problem that’s not in our database.

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