How To Add Some Extra Security On Your Facebook Account

How To Add Some Extra Security On Your Facebook Account

It’s nice to add some additional layers of security to your Facebook account. No, you shouldn’t be worried that someone will break into your account and start “liking” BuzzFeed articles like crazy. Your concerned should be that someone could get in and use the information they find to steal your identity.

Below are the three smart things you can do to protect account, which you’ll find at Settings > Security and Login > Setting Up Extra Security:

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1) Kindly Enable two-factor authentication. An excellent approach to performing on all your accounts. That means if someone wants to get into your account on a new device, they’ll also need access to your mobile phone.

2) Enable alerts about unrecognized logins. If someone manages to log-in to your Facebook account from an unrecognized device or browser, Facebook will alert you.

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3) You can also inform Facebook some trusted contacts if you get locked out. Trusted Contacts are Facebook friends (you’ll need to pick between three and five) who can securely assist you regain access to your account—for instance, if you can remember your password or lose your mobile device—OR a treacherous person breaks in and decides to lock YOU out. And remember, you can always modify your contacts later.

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