2016 Best 5 Browser Add-Ons to Translate Web Pages on the Go

Translate Web Pages

The contents online I made up of multiple languages and it very possible that you may not always find the content you need in your preferred language. If that is the case, then you may need to help of an Add-on that will help you using regardless of any web browser you are using. You may still land on a web page or content on the web that you may not be able to understand regardless to the fact that English (which powers most of the web content) is your main language.

Below are the best translation extensions for different web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera to Translate Web Pages.

Best Browser Add-Ons to Translate Web Pages

1.    Google Translate (Chrome)

Google Translate is indeed the number one in the list and the most widely-used language translation service that will lets you translate one language to every other 103 languages on the web. This is the official Google Translate extension for Chrome browser and also powered by the same amazing language translation service. Using the extension really makes translation very easy for you. It automatically prompts you to translate a different language to your preferred language if it finds a web page that is not in your main language.

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You can as well highlight text on any web page and translate it to your preferred language without leaving the current window. The extension also lets you translate phrases as you type them in the text fields. If you are a Chrome user, then Google Translate should be your Go>to add-on for language translation.

2.    Google Translate For Firefox (Firefox)

Just like chrome, the Google Translate add-on is also available for Firefox browsers. The Google Translate extension for Firefox lets you translate web content using three different methods which are;

  • Adding a button in the address bar.
  • One in the context menu
  • Specify a hotkey to translate content when you press a key.

All these methods apply to full web page translations as well as translating specific content on a web page.

Here is the official Google Translate For Firefox and its powered by Google Translate, it supports all the languages supported by Google Translate and the algorithm is also the same as the one for Chrome.

Furthermore, you can also choose a preferred language to easily translate content without needing to specify it every time you need to use the service.


3.    S3.Google Translator (Firefox)

The S3.Google Translate add-on can do just about anything Google Translate For Firefox can do. The extension also came with some advanced features that users love. Apart from the fact that it translates web pages with the click of a button, it automatically translates subtitles on Youtube to your preferred language as well.

Install the S3.Google Translator extension now. It comes with a language learning feature that automatically replaces specific words online in a defined language to easily learn their use. To make things easier for you, it has a built-in Text-To-Speech support which supports you to listen to any phrase highlighted in the browser.

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4.    TranslateMe (Safari)

TranslateMe extension is the best Translate extension for Safari browsers. The translation extension is simple and easy to use on Safari and it allows you to quickly translate any content on the web to your main language. Just use the toolbar button or the “T” hotkey to translate sentences or whole web pages using the TranslateMe extension.

The extension uses Google Translate for translating and supports all its features. And it also has Text-To-Speech feature to enable you listen to the source text for better learning.

5.    ImTranslator (Opera)

ImTranslator is a Multi-browser translation extension. It has a robust list of features and also supports Opera browsers.  ImTranslator uses multiple translation services, including Google Translate, Bing Translate and Babylon Translate to render it services to users. With the multiple service sources used, ImTranslator gives more accurate translation as compared to other extensions that are using a single service. It uses multiple methods like

  • Pop-up,
  • In-line translation
  • Replacing original text (keeping formatting)
  • Separate window translation

to display the translation of the Translate Web Pages.

You can also use any of the multiple methods to Translate Web Pages or incur translation including the use of hotkey. In addition, the extension gives you a full customization option giving you the right to control the behavior of the extension when installed. The extension Customization includes

  • Customized shortcuts
  • Content control
  • Text color,
  • Bubble behavior
  • Translation service use (either Google translate, Bing translate or Babylon translate).
  • Individual language settings
  • Translation history and many more.

Conclusion About Add-on to Translate Web Pages

With any browser and with any of the Translate add-ons above, you should be able to translate any web page on the go from one language to another. Although Google Translate is the service that is mostly used, you can as well use the all-in-one ImTranslate that supports multiple browsers and offers translation from a service of your choice.

Drop our comment below and let us know how you translate web pages and the one that serves you best..



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