See why Outlook is the 2016 Best Email App For iPhone

The best email app for iPhone

Microsoft made the Email app that has always been recommended for the iPhone. Microsoft acquired Acompli sometime last year (2015), turning the Email App to a mobile version/verse of Outlook legacy. Outlook mail supports Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, iCloud and IMAP accounts, which covers most of the popular email services out there. With this Email App, it feels like you have a desktop email client in your hands.

The Email App has a customizable quick-swipe option for scheduling and archiving emails, making it very easy to use and hover over your inbox. It as well separates the clutter for you just like Gmail’s Priority Inbox, and appears to work even better. It separates your Email inbox into two sections: “Focused” and “Other,” It also lets you to quickly filter things like unread emails or flagged. It time saving and the app lets you give attention to other things outside email.

One thing peculiar about Outlook is that of the stuff is does that other email apps don’t, these include integrating your Calendars and files from services like Google Drive, Google Calendar, Onedrive, Dropbox, etc. iOS stunted native client that Gmail doesn’t do and many more. With the super quick access to all the services mentioned above that Outlook gives without leaving the App, Outlook App to me I will say id the best Email App for iPhone. Below are quick tips and setting to Outlook Email App

  • If you want to see when next the next meeting is, Kindly tap the calendar icon located at the bottom bar.
  • Tap on the files Icon that let you dig through the cloud storage system if you want to look through your Dropbox files.

Outlook uses these services to enable you do things like quickly attach files to your email messages even though the files are not on your iPhone, accept calendar invites without having to open the message, you see all the files you’ve sent or received over the time with one particular person from your contact.

Why Outlook is the best email app for iphone

With Acompli, Microsoft has set a high email standard for users. To some, Outlook is like a next-generation email app for everyone, A friend of mine said Outlook email App is something that will force its Email competitors to do a lot of work so as to catch up. So what are you waiting for, if you want full control over your Outlook email inbox and the awesome services that comes with it, Then Outlook is your only choice without giving it a second thought.

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