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That Gmail is the best email service provider does not mean it does not have its own problems. These problems can come as a result of malicious login attempts on your Gmail account, Gmail’s bot is very smart and can quickly detect when an impersonator is trying to toil with your Gmail account by entering the wrong password for many times. ASAP, Gmail will notify you of these malicious attempts on your Gmail account.

Any Bonafide Email expert will tell you to always change your Gmail account password at regular intervals; this is to make sure that your Gmail account privacy is not deprecated in any form. Sometimes, we may suspect our friend or family member have access to our Gmail account password and will want to change the password.

Good enough, changing your Gmail password is quite very easy and can be done just in a few minutes. So here is the step by step guide to follow and change your Gmail account password.

How to change your Gmail Password.

Step 1:

Change Gmail password

Visit the Gmail login page or follow this link and then type in your current Email username and password to log into your account.

Step 2:

Change Gmail Password

Tap the settings icon that looks like a gear (located near the top right of your Gmail account window page).

Step 3: Check the drop down menu that appears, click or tap on the “Settings” option.

(This will open up a settings page for you with several options).

Step 4:

change my gmail password

Click on “Accounts and Import” link on the horizontal menu.

This will automatically direct you to another page with many other options.

Step 5:

Gmail Password

Click on the change password link located at the very top of the available options.

It will then take you to “My Account” window where you’ll be required to type in your new password. Under it, there is another space to confirm the new password. All you need to do is type the new password again.

Once you’re sure that you’ve chosen the right password, and you’ve confirmed it by typing it again in the confirm password textbox, click on the “Change Password” button at the bottom of the window and you’re done. When choosing a password for your Gmail account, it’s recommended that you choose a strong password that one can’t guess. It will also help protect you against some levels of hacking. It’s advisable that you use a combination of letters, numbers and signs to come up with a password.

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