Wikileaks leaks CIA secret documents | WikiLeaks seen as been different

CIA secret documents leaked | WikiLeaks seen as been different

President Donald Trump and his supporters loved the former Director of the CIA WikiLeaks last year when it exposed to hacked Democratic emails, but they don’t sound too surprised about the leaks of CIA surveillance capacities.

While the government has refuse to confirm or deny the authenticity of the secret CIA documents supposedly leaked released by WikiLeaks, White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Wednesday said, “this alleged leak should concern every single American in terms of the impact it has on our national security.”

Spicer goes ahead to explain that there’s a difference between bring to light the secret emails of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and other Democratic officials, and releasing national security secrets.

“There is a massive, massive difference,” the Trump spokesman said.

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Last fall, Trump celebrated WikiLeaks releases that had impacts on activities of the Clinton Foundation and on the Clinton campaign in general, even though government officials said the hacks resulted from efforts by the government of Russia.

This is the statement made by Donald Trump during an October rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. “I love WikiLeaks,” It’s amazing how nothing is secret today when you talk about the Internet.”


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Wikileaks latest dump which claims the documents detail how the CIA can hack into a variety of items, from cell phones to televisions. Spokesman Spicer explained that the alleged theft occurred during the end of the Obama administration. He went ahead to say that, “It is our policy as a government not to confirm the authenticity of any kind of disclosure or hack,” That would be highly inappropriate for us. But you know all of these occurred under the last administration. That is important.”

Donald Trump’s spokesman also points out that the Democrats and the media expressed more outrage over WikiLeaks last year than they are doing now.

Spicer says, “It’s interesting how there’s sort of a double standard with when the leaks occur, how much outrage there is,”



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