How To Download And Extract Audio From YouTube Videos

A countless time that I’ve got a song in the background of a YouTube video and questioned, “Now, why isn’t that on my iPod, yet? Oh, right, because Best Buy doesn’t carry the album because it’s not in the Top 40. Foolish me.” There’s always a way of downloading from torrents, but for those of us a little leery of deciding for ourselves whether torrents are trustworthy or not, here are two exciting programs.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter, VidtoMP3 or ListenToYouTube will download the audio from YouTube video for you (in either standard or high quality) and also convert it to MP3 file. A few clicks of the mouse later, you can save the file and drag it to your iTunes or MP3 device. (For those of you who get a little squeamish around legalities, yes, the process is considered legal if a video is not pirated.)

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Here’s how to go about it.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is the greatest tool.

You can convert entire YouTube playlists and channels.

Firstly, you need to download Free YouTube to MP3 Converter app.

Then use your common sense (it’s intuitive and straightforward) and get all the videos you need or check proper guides on playlist download.

Download And Extract Audio From YouTube Videos

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For VidtoMP3 or ListenToYouTube use this steps.

1. Choose one of the programs (I’ve found that ListenToYouTube often works a little faster) and click on its link below.

2. Go to You can also try VidToMP3.

3. Look for a video on YouTube you would like in audio form on your computer, MP3 device, iPod, whatever.

4. Copy and paste it into the URL box in the middle of each screen. Proceed.

5. It may take a moment or two, but the program will recover the file and provide you with a link that shows “Download MP3.” Click on it—you’ll have to do it again when it goes to the next page, but the second time, a screen will pop up to give you the selection of where your file and what program with which to open it. You can find several other tools to get audio from YouTube videos; you can download here.

6. Go to the file destination, click, and enjoy.
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