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Waphan Apps is simply the list of downloadable application from www.waphan.com. In my last post about waphan.com, I wrote close to everything you need to know about waphan. In this is post, I will put you through how you can download any application from waphan.com. In the process of App Download from waphan, you can use any device to do that, please follow the steps below to download any App for free to your device.

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Waphan Apps Download steps

  1. Using your web browser with a good internet connection.
  2. Kindly enter the waphan URL which is waphan.com in the URL tool bar
  3. Go to Applications by scrolling down from the portal home page
  4. Select any App category of your interest.
  5. You can search for a particular App by scrolling down the page or make use of the search box.
  6. Click on the Application you want to download once you’ve seen it.
  7. Now click on the “Download icon” to start the download from Google Play.

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Waphan Apps Download Categories

Basically, there are 10 categories of awesome application with each having lots of apps to download from Waphan. These categories include.

  1. Phone/SMS: comprises of SMS and Messenger Apps, Phone Tools
  2. Antivirus/Security: Made up of Guard against Viruses, Malicious Apps
  3. Social / Funny: Here, you see Apps like Facebook, Browsers, and Dating apps.
  4. Tools/Gadgets: Here you can get Customizable Tools, Save Time and Money.
  5. Music / Photo: you get to see Apps like Photo Editors, Camera, and Audio Tools.
  6. E-book Library: You can download E-books, Magazines, Comics, in PDF formats.
  7. E-book: download Cool PDF and E-book Reader Apps from here.
  8. Religion: Religions, Islamic Apps, Bible.
  9. Guides: For Translators, Phone Books
  10. Dictionaries: Get Apps like Dictionaries, Translators, and Grammar Apps and many more

There are other categories and sub categories anyway.

Waphan Mp3 Download

Right at the moment, Mp3 music Download is not available on the waphan.com portal, but you can always get it from Waptrick.one. The waphan portal is currently focused on Games, Themes, Videos, Wallpapers, Photos and other Adult related content.

Just as I already said, there is no link to where you can download mp3. And to be frank here, user are crazy for this. Though I believe that waphan.com Admin is doing something about it so as to get music Mp3 Files available on Waphan.


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