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Google Map Download

Google map basically gives a “top-down” view of the earth to users; with a very high-resolution imagery of place using close variant of the Mercator projection and does not shoe areas around the poles.

The Google maps, just like other map services such as Mapquest and yahoo maps gives you street maps of your destination, satellite imagery, the accurate real-time traffic status/conditions of your destination, 360° panoramic views of places that gives you an overview of the roads and street, complete route planning for travelers by foot, motorcycle, car, bicycle and other commercial transportation means.

The Google map service is available in both web platform and mobile platform. This means you can use the map directly from the Google map website and in Mobile application. To use the Google mobile app, you will then have to download the App into your mobile device. Below is the step by step guide to on to you can download the Google Map into your device.

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How to download Google map to Android device.

To download Google Map to android device,

  1. Kindly go to Google play store with your Android device or click the Google Map page here and continue with step 3
  2. Search for Google map and click on the app upon the search results
  3. Click on “install” and wait for few seconds to get the app installed.
  4. Once the installation is complete, kindly open the Map app.
  5. Login with your Google account/Gmail account details to get started with the Google App.

How to download Google map to iOS device

Google map on Apple store

To download Google Map to your iOS Apple device, you need to follow the same step above but this time, you will be downloading the App from Apple store. See steps below

  1. Go to Apple Store web page or click the here for the Google map from Apple store
  2. And search for “Google Map” then click on the app from the search result
  3. Install the app to your Apple device and login to get started with the App.

How to download Google map to Windows Phone

To Download Google map for Windows Phone,

  1. Go to Google map on microsoft app store adn skip to step 3
  2. Search for the Google map and install
  3. Once installation has been completed, kindly login to the app using your Google account details to get started.

How to Rate and Review Cities Using Google Map

To Include a rating or survey to a city most when you location history on, kindly follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Google Map application map.
  2. Click on a spot on the guide or go down it.
  3. At the bottom of your device screen, swipe up on the name or address.
  4. Just touch the rating stars (from 1-5) to score a spot or compose an audit.
  5. See a rundown of spots to audit.

Now, on the off chance that you have “Location History” turned on, there you will see a rundown of spots to audit. It all depends on spots you’ve bypassed.

  1. Just open the Google Maps application.
  2. Kindly tap the side menu > your commitments > To-do.

You can join the Local Guides group if you like composition accommodating surveys and figure out how to get unique identification by your surveys.

Google Maps Domain

Just like Yahoo Mail Country Domain, Google maps exist in several domains by country. To get Google maps for your local country or any country of your choice for driving directions, kindly logon to the country’s Google maps domain. See the list of Google maps domain for each country below.

Country Email Domain                  Country Map Link

Google Map Argentina
Google Map Australia
Google Map Austria
Google Map Belgium (French)
Google Map Belgium (Dutch)
Google Map Brazil
Google Map Canada (English)
Google Map Canada (French) www.qc.
Google Map Colombia
Google Map Croatia
Google Map Czech Republic
Google Map Denmark
Google Map Finland
Google Map France
Google Map Germany
Google Map Greece
Google Map Hong Kong
Google Map Hungary
Google Map India
Google Map Indonesia
Google Map Ireland

Google Map Israel
Google Map Italy
Google Map Japan
Google Map Malaysia
Google Map Mexico
Google Map Middle East
Google Map Netherlands
Google Map New Zealand
Google Map Norway
Google Map Philippines
Google Map Poland
Google Map Portugal
Google Map Romania
Google Map Russia

Google Map Singapore

Google Map South Africa
Google Map Spain
Google Map Sweden
Google Map Switzerland (French)
Google Map Switzerland (German) www.
Google Map Taiwan
Google Map Thailand
Google Map Turkey
Google Map United Kingdom www.
Google Map United States
Google Map Vietnam


Kindly find your country domain and the map link and use for your driving directions and navigation.


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