Importance of Email Security Questions In Email Accounts

e-mail Security Questions

As we all know, security is one thing people crave very hard for when it comes to doing anything online. Email security on the other hand is not left behind.

Few months ago, I got a mail alerting me of suspicious login attempt into my email account, it asked me to confirm that I was really the one trying to login to my email account or simply change my email password, meanwhile I was wasn’t the one doing it. Quickly I simply rushed and changed my password using a stronger character than the one I was using before the malicious login attempt. In this post, I will be telling you the importance of email security questions in email accounts. So;

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Why are email security question so important in email accounts?

  • It helps you recover your password when you lose it:

If you ever lost your email password and need to reset it, then you will understand this point better. So do make sure you don’t forget your security question while signing up for an email account.

  1. It guarantees safety of account while trying to reset a forgotten password

Just as I mentioned above, while trying to recover your lost password, it will help your mail server to confirm that you are really the one making those changes with your email account.

  1. It helps your mail service provider to be sure you’re the one trying to access the changes in your account.

Since you’re the only one that knows the answer to your email account security questions, it will be very difficult for anyone to hack you at this point or succeed with any malicious practices with your email account.

NB: Do Use your email Address wisely and guard your Password well. Anybody that has access to both information could control your mailbox and send spam messages to your contact list or for other illegal activities which you may not like.

How to Keep your Email Address Safe by the use of email security questions

Below are the simple things you can do to keep your email address safe.

  • Never tell or disclose your password to any other person(s) unless for a very important reason, meanwhile change your email account password once that session is over.
  •  Log into your mailbox from a secured computer. Do not use computer gadgets that have malicious software(s) installed in them.
  •  Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail will never ask you for your email address and password so ignore any mail asking you for your email address and password.
  •  Discard Spam messages notifying you.
  • You can choose to always Change your email password (I change mine every 3-6months depending).
  •  Reset email your password whenever you notice any malicious/unauthorized activities on your email address. This is where Gmail becomes a good email service provider as they will notify you of any suspicious login attempt into your email address account.
  • Don’t rush into using third party apps before linking or using your email address on them. Read carefully Third Party apps you engage your email account with..

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