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Brief Overview MetLife

MetLife is formally known as Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, it is insurance and finance company is based in the United States and was founded in 1868 and it is one of the largest global providers of insurance, employee, and annuities benefit programs in the world. The company (MetLife) currently has more than 90 million customers in more 60 countries across the globe. MetLife Insurance provides good and Flexible insurance options to cover and protect you and your family, retirement benefits and different Savings plans to help you reach your financial goals and many more.

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About MetLife Insuarnce Account

However, MetLife insurance gives a convenient eservice for their customers.  in other to access  the eservice at MetLife, you have to register for an online MetLife account that will allow you to manage your account online anytime the need arises

On the other hand, registering for a MetLife account online, you can manage your account over the internet. Online management capabilities include transferring and allocating funds, executing withdrawals, updating personal information and reviewing, managing loans and host of others. Above all, the registration is easy, secure and fast.

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How to register for a MetLife account online

To get started, kindly make the following available:

  1. Computer with a good internet access;
  2. You need to be a MetLife customer or a legally authorized representative of one.

Step by step guide to creating a Metlife Account Online

  1. Kindly go to the MetLife eservice web-portal at eservice
  2. Click on the button labelled “Register Now”.
  3. Enter your data such as; first name, last name, social security number, email address and date of birth into the required boxes.

All your data must be accurately the same as it shows on your statement.

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  1. Then highlight the product from the drop-down menu and enter the account/policy number into the required box.
  2. Click on “Continue”.
  3. Follow the instructions properly on how to complete the account registration process and thereafter you can sign in to you’re a count to manage your account online.

If you need for information or have something to inquire about, kindly go to the eservice FAQ page at https://sisc.eservice, for help and further clarifications about this eservice.


After all said and done, MetLife eservice is really a useful, helpful and convenient avenue to run a MetLife account. All the most excellent banks are offering online management services like this.

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