How To Find Your Remote Type To Your Apple TV

How To Find Your Remote Type To Your Apple TV

Do you misplace your remote to your Apple TV? Kindly Download the Apple TV Remote app and also use the keyboard on your iPhone or iPad to type in your query. (Android users could use Air Remote.)

If you would rather use a traditional remote, feel free to use any third-party one with slightly programming. Use the app on your phone to navigate to Settings > General > Remotes > Learn Remote on your Apple TV.

Select a setting or button that does not control another device on your remote, after which select Start.

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You will then see the six familiar buttons of the Apple Remote on your TV screen, that you can map to your remote by pressing and holding each button until the blue progress bar is completed.

For people with tvOS 9.2+, the latest Apple TV also supports Bluetooth keyboards, something that was in older Apple TVs but taken off the newest ones, for reasons unknown, since then.

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