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About Adrian Flux Insurance Services

Adrian Flux Insurance Services is a large insurance broker in the United Kingdom, covering everything from classic and vintage cars right through to heavily produced sports cars or rides. It was founded in the year 1973; Adrian Flux now has more than 30 years experience and status in the insurance field. This insurance specially deals in

  • Car,
  • Van,
  • Home,
  • Bike
  • And other areas.

Nevertheless, it is best known for its car insurance operations and owns a glossy car magazine named Influx. Adrian Flux takes different approaches to different cars and insurers. For instance, its Cherished Department is committed to high performance car insurance.

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About High Performance Car Insurance

Also, Adrian Flux gives specialist insurance to a wide range of vehicles. The High Performance Car Insurance is a service rendered to owners of high performance cars. They give a variety of specialist schemes that will to cover all varieties of comfort and cherished cars. The rationale is that “those that purchase the car of their dream will definitely take good care of it”.

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Moreover, owners of high powered cars are often at the supposed higher risk. High Performance Car Insurance provides a specialist protection for them. One can easily get a quote online and at the lower cost.

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How to get a high performance car insurance quote from Adrian Flux?


  1. Visit the website on your computer or any browsing gadget at:
  2. When you are on their page, click on “GET A QUOTE” at the bottom of the page, and it will automatically direct you to an insurance quote form.
  3. There you will fill in your personal details; address, license details and cover and click on “Next”.
  4. Kindly follow further steps as you are instructed.

For more enquirers, visit FAQ at:

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If you are making use of a high profile car and you are looking for a special insurance for it, visit Adrian Flux’s Cherished Department today and get a High Performance Car Insurance quote online. Definitely you will never regret it

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