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Get virtual phone number for India

get virtual phone number

I have earlier explained that with your virtual phone number, you will have a phone number of a particular country added you’re your current number, giving you the access to enjoy an international number benefit with your existing number. For this post, I will be giving steps on how to get virtual phone number in India.

You’ll need an Indian phone number if you regularly do business in India,

By obtaining one Indian phone number, it allows you to make cheaper calls and at the same time, receive calls from a local number in that same region you call rather than just your host country like UK, United states, Germany, etc. Having and with a local presence in a international and intercontinental country gives you a host advantage and opens up access to more potential customers that will turn into loyal customers.

Advantages of getting Indian phone number for your business

With the Indian virtual phone number, you stand to get benefits like

  • Simultaneous ring by country
  • The hunt groups and find me/follow me settings, which will allow your business to become better in terms of enhanced productivity in areas that ordinarily requires you contracting with local telecomm services.
  • Since it’s a virtualized number, you enjoy toll free services, call routing, advanced call forwarding and advanced call routing.

How to get started (through

With virtualized forwarding solutions, you will be given access to a wide portfolio of options to choose from without having to purchase  from telecomm services in India.

For this, there’s no contract, no usage fees, all that is required of you is just a monthly fee for a pre-set amount of usage. also got several possible virtual number solutions for different business needs, and aimed at helping your business grow either by starting an international business or by helping in the growth of your already existing international business to a greater level. It only takes about 3 minutes to do the set up and the package comes with a free trial just for for to have an experience of what it looks like and how the services of countrycode can help your business to grow

All you need to do now is to use the direct sign up page hereof India country code through their website here to get you started for your free trial and to begin making calls to and from India within 3 minutes.

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