See How it will work as Google Maps to get Wi-Fi only feature

Google Maps will soon get WiFi only mode, says a report in Android Police. Users need to have Maps v9.32 installed in their smartphones to use the feature, although the new feature is being rolled out in stages. The mode allows users to switch to a WiFi connection while using the Google Ma ps app. The WiFi-only option is available in the Settings menu of the app. Given the update will go live in phases, you might not find the option in your Google Maps app.

Once the WiFi only option is switched on, Google Maps app will stop using cellular data, and will connect to a WiFi connection. While the app significantly relies on WiFi, it might still use a small amount of cellular data. According to the report, a notification for the same popped up, once they turned on the WiFi only mode. The pop up says, “You should know…A small amount of data might still be used, but it will be significantly less while on Wi-Fi only.”

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According to the report, Google is also working on a new feature for Google Maps that will notify users in case of mass transit delays. The notifications can be customised for the mode of transport that you use. It is, however, unclear if Google will actually roll out the update anytime soon or at all.

Google  Maps was recently updated to input multi-stops on a trip, taking the user travel experience to new level. The app allows you to enter a destination and then add intermediate stops.

India is increasingly becoming a potential market for Google  Maps. Google recently made changes to the app to make it more India-focused. The app now understands Hindi and offers direction in the language. Also, there’s offline feature and traffic alerts. We could expect the Wi-Fi only feature to reach the Indian audience soon.

For most Indians though, the offline maps direction feature is likely more useful given the patch data connectivity, even in metros in India.

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