How to stop or block Candy Crush requests on Facebook

How do i stop candy crush Facebook request

You have landed here, reading this post because you are in the same shoes with me. I get irritated by Candy Crush invites on Facebook. Honestly speaking its very annoying especially when you try to check your notification only to see people tagging some crap to your Facebook timeline as well as invitation inviting you to come and play Candy Crush game. Charlie my friend said “Candy Crush saga invitation on Facebook irritates the hell out of my body” well that not my business anyway. So due to the fact that I don’t just find it funny, I just have to go on a deep quest, looking if it’s possible to block the Candy Crush as well as other games request on Facebook and finally, I found it and have decided to share it with you who might be interested in blocking Candy Crush requests on Facebook

So if you are not happy seeing Candy Crush Requests on Facebook, Block them and do share this piece of information with your friends.


Steps on how to block Candy Crush Saga invitations on Facebook | Candy crush Facebook

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account

Step 2: Go to your Facebook account notifications and click on settings Settings and Select Blocking on left hand side of the screen. See image below

stop candy crush saga request

stop candy crush saga request

Step 3: Under the Blocking screen, kindly scroll down to “Block Apps” section.

Step 4: Now, enter the name of App you want to block, so in this case Candy Crush. On typing candy, a list of suggestions will pop up, kindly select Candy Crush Saga from the list.

stop candy crush saga request

Step 5: Block Candy Crush

Congrats! You have successfully blocked Candy Crush requests and you won’t ever again get any further Candy Crush requests on your Facebook account.

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How to block Application invites from Facebook friends

Again! If there is this particular friend or a set of friends that sends a lot of application requests or invites, you can simply use the Block app invites from section on the same Blocking screen using the same method used to blog Candy Crush Saga request. All you have to do is type in the name or names of those friends and you won’t receive any further game or application invites from those friends in future again.

By doing this, you don’t have to unfriend them in case you are completely fed up being at the receiving end of those application requests from those friends.

How to confirm whether Candy Crush request was blocked or not on Facebook

Follow the steps below to confirm whether Candy Crush requests are blocked or not.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and go to Settings.

Step 2: Under Settings, select Notifications

Step 3: In Notification Settings, select “App requests and activity” under “What You Get Notified About” section. see image below.

stop candy crush saga request

If it was successfully blocked, Candy Crush Saga or the game/application which you blocked should not appear here.

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Note : If you block Candy Crush requests on Facebook, you too won’t be able to send Candy Crush requests, this means that the blocking feature is an option for Facebook users who do not play Candy Crush, so be properly guided.


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