How to Change Facebook Page Name After 1000+ Likes

Change Facebook Page Name After Over 200+ Likes

The reason why Facebook does not allow page administrators to change their Facebook page name after 200 likes is still something that am yet to understand. If you’re looking out to a way to change your Facebook page name, haven’t found any chances of its possibility. Don’t worry, I will be sharing the Facebook tricks on how to change Facebook page name even after 200+ likes.

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You probably know it that Facebook have put some limitations on Users to change their Facebook fan page name once 200+ likes have been reached on the Facebook page. Some people already believe to impossible to change a Facebook page name. Below is the steps guide on how to change your Facebook page name after 200+ like.

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How to change Facebook page name after 1000+ likes

  1. Kindly open Google chrome browser with a good internet connection and click on the link to install HOLA PROXY chrome extension.
  2. Once Installed > Open in that same browser
  3. Now click on the “HOLA EXTENSION ICON at top right side of the chrome browser.
  4. Select US as your country.
  5. Now your location is being changed to United States (USA).
  6. Once your location have been changed to USA server > your Facebook page will be refreshed.
  7. Now enter your correct Facebook information.
  8. Now, logged in > navigate to your preferred Facebook page whose name you want to change.
  9. Now, click on the “update info” > click on “edit name”
  10. You will see “Request Change” option from here.
  11. Now, right click on it > and open it in a new window.
  12. A form will pop up with the caption “I need to change the name of my page” from here, just tick on the guideline “I understand…………”
  13. Here, just fill in your new desired Facebook page name that you want it to bear.
  14. Now you will see an option that saying “why you want to change your Facebook page name” just find the image below and fill in the details in the form accordingly.
  15. Now filled the form> click on send button.
  16. Once you have followed  all the above steps correctly, you will see a pop up with new message that says “you will receive an email response shortly”
  17. Just wait for about after 2-3 days, you will see the changes in your Facebook page name will show up.

Good luck as you change your Facebook page name believing this tutorial helped you enough, Please share if you enjoyed it.

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