SEO: How To Check The Last Time Google Bots crawled/indexed Your Site

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Alright guys, it’s been a while and I guess this is my first time of writing something and SEO. Well am doing this to address an email a loyal reader of my blog sent to me last week about web indexing. And what is that all about? It’s all about Google and search engines indexing your website.

As a webmaster, Getting search engines to index your blog post are one very vital thing you will always crave for. But the problem here is that you  may not know how often or the very last time your website was indexed by web crawlers. In my next article about SEO, I will give you the guide on how to get Google to index your blog post faster.

Many newbie Webmasters do think their blog post have not been indexed if they search for their blogs on search engines and nothing shows up, Well, to my best knowledge, that isn’t true. A Google crawler is very fast when it comes to indexing. It’s very possible it has been crawled, just that you’ve got so many competitions.

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How to know the last time Google bots crawled your website

  1. Kindly go to

Google Bots for techliet

  1. Now for your website, input the keyword “” (replace “” with your own domain) and click on the “search” button.

Note: You must use lower case letter, so don’t type in capital letters

So now a screenshot of how your blog looked like the last time it was crawled with the date, year, time in minute and seconds will be displayed

You can go ahead and try it right with your website, Blog, forums etc.

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How to check the number of web pages indexed by Google Bots/crawler

latest indexed or carry out a custom search :

  1. Go to
  2. Type the keywords (replace Techliet with your site domain)
  3. Indexed pages will be shown.

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