How to Download YouTube Video on PC, iPhone and Android

How to download YouTube Video

Ever watched a video on YouTube and felt like having the video on your device? Don’t worry, in this tutorial episode, I will be giving you the steps you need to take in order to download a YouTube video direct to your PC or Mobile device. To do this, make sure you have a good and steady internet connection. The steps in this tutorial is basically how to download YouTube video without any software, all you need in this tutorial of downloading YouTube video is the “” tool which one done, you will be redirected to the Savefrom.Net website where you have to proceed with your YouTube video download.

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Steps on How to download YouTube Video

  1. Visit YouTube and search for any video of your choice that you want to download.
  2. Hoover your mouse to the video URL and replace the “www.” with “SS” and click enter. For instance:

Original URL:,

URL for downloading:

3. Once you have clicked enter in the step above, you will be redirected to a “” page where you will have to select the file quality that you want to download.

(For the sake of your Data, kindly click on the green arrow pointing downwards and select HD 320 instead of the default HD 720 that will come up and click download file)

  1. Once you have selected your desired file quality, click on download and wait for the file download to start. Now select t the file location in your PC or mobile device which you want to save the YouTube video and click save.

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Your download will begin in few seconds. Once the file is downloaded, kindly minimize the page and go to your video gallery to watch the video.

How to download a video via

The commonest way of using the free YouTube video downloader:

  • Kindly open
  • Enter the URL address of the webpage you want to download from into the field on the top of the page.
  • Click the “Download” button on the right of the page and you will get the list containing all available links.
  • Choose a format you want and download. see image below;

YouTube Video downloader

That’s it. Downloading YouTube video is really a very Simple thing to do.

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