How to get American Netflix on PC & Android from any Country

How to get American Netflix

The tips here are going to serve as add-on tips for the Netflix lovers outside the Unites States. I have already written a Netflix review and how to create a Netflix account as well as how to activate your Netflix account, so you can go through any of them and get a better view. Here, we will be looking into the simple ways of getting an American Netflix account and use it like someone in the US. The process is quick and easy to get Netflix USA and unlock thousands of movies and TV shows on So how do you go about this? Below is

How to get American Netflix

  1. Kindly sign up for a Netflix account, if you don’t know how to do that, Use the tutorial guide here.
  2. Change your DNS settings and add the below DNS code settings to your Netflix-viewing device. Use either or for you IP address.

DNS means Domain Name Serve. It’s simply how the internet turns website names into numeric addresses. You seem to appear to be from different parts of the world with Fancy DNS routing.

But for Android users, kindly follow the steps below on Android 2.3 DNS settings,

How to Get American Netflix on Android: Step by Step Guide

  1. Kindly navigate to “Settings” on your Android device.
  2. Next tap “Wireless and Networks”.
  3. Select “Wi-Fi settings”.
  4. Tap Menu > “Advanced”.
  5. Use static IP.
  6. Just copy current IP address (few lines above) to IP address field.
  7. Now, Set your gateway as router IP (usually the same as current IP except last number is .1, i.e. if your phone IP is 168.2.130 then the router’s likely to be
  8. Set to “Netmask” 255.255.0
  9. Now, set DNS 1 and DNS 2 fields as per below: 171.182.159 or
  10. Once you’re done on the menu click on “Save”
  11. Now you will need to restart your phone (power cycle) to get started. That is all about DNS setting for Android device.

Where to get IP Addresses to use

You can get I P address from the following VPN providers

  1. Hide My Ass VPN
  2. Blockless VPN

Very Important!

Blockless Smart DNS is however, not recommended over 3G and connections from public “hot spots” because they are always restricted.

Though is very possible to make it work through some selected 3G network providers, but it may require “rooting” or “jailbreaking” of your device which you may not want to do. And as such, I won’t recommend this method for regular users on Netflix and won’t support this configuration as well. Hence You are On Your Own (OYO) if you choose to do so.

The devices can be used to watch Netflix

  1. Apple TV
  2. Mac OS X
  3. iOS
  4. Google TV
  5. LG Smart TV
  6. LG Blu-Ray
  7. Philips Blu-Ray
  8. Roku
  9. PS3
  10. PS4
  11. Samsung Smart TV
  12. Samsung Blue-Ray
  13. Xbox
  14. Windows XP
  15. Windows Vista
  16. Windows 8
  17. Windows 7
  18. WD Live
  19. Wii

You can also get this second method on how to get American Netflix from Netflixable

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