How To Get Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria in 2017 And Earn $25

Payoneer MasterCard

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Payoneer provides an online payment system where users can receive payment over the internet. I have been using this service since 2015 and I must recommend it to everyone. With the Payoneer MasterCard, you can make withdrawals at any ATM point in your country.

Founded in 2005 with just few countries on the line, Payoneer have really made a great change in the online payment sector especially helping those in countries banned by Papal. Payoneer is used as an international payment distribution system or solution that can be used to pay directly or indirectly to any other payment company’s Prepaid MasterCard®.

I must tell you, if your country like Nigeria is banned or have limited access to Paypal services, then Payoneer should be your best alternative. Getting a Payoneer Card in Nigeria is very easy; all you need to do is sign up for the online account (read down for the step by step guide). With a verified Payoneer account in Nigeria you are indirectly operating US bank from Nigeria or your country location. In this post, we will be looking at the step by step tutorial guide on how to register, receiving and verifying your Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria.

The only Cons or problem i can say Payoneer has is that you can only receive payment from Companies and not individuals. Below are some Pros or feature of Payoneer you must know before creating an account;

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Pros: Features of the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

  • Its globally accepted and users can use their Payoneer card to withdraw cash at any ATM’s worldwide.
  • Users can Use their Payoneer card anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted worldwide or online.
  • Users have full control of their Payoneer C-panel account that is you comfortably have access to your account online, which allows you to easily check your balance and transaction history.
  • Payoneer offers Local Bank Transfers as an added advantage to their prepaid MasterCard®

The Payoneer Local Bank Transfer Service allows you to receive payments directly to your local bank accounts in your country and in your local currencies at a very competitive discount rate.

So how do you go about getting your Payoneer MasterCard In Nigeria or your country? Keep reading down

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How to Set Up a Payoneer Account And Order For Your MasterCard

  1. Kindly visit the Payoneer web homepage and Click on the “receive and withdraw” button


  1. Fill out your correct personal details, see image below


  1. Fill in your contact details; See image below

NOTE: Be careful here and make sure the contact address you’re using is your correct contact address, because filling in an incorrect contact address can lead the card to arriving at the wrong address.

  1. Now, fill in Your Security Details.


NOTE: Due to rate at which online accounts are being hacked in recent times, its best recommended that you make your password very strong by using numbers and alphabets. All you need to do is to combine both alphabets and numbers as your password. Do use password characters that you can remember while filling in your security details, else if you don’t, you won’t be unable to finish up with the registration process.


  1. Fill in The Almost Done Section.


NOTE: Here, Payoneer requires you to provide a valid Identification Card (ID CARD details). So you either have to choose from a national ID, national Passport or Driver’s license. (For mine, I used my driver’s License).

Now, type in the number of your card into the space provided. See image below;

After that, Tick the box as shown below and click the submit button to continue to the next process.

Once you have successfully completed all the sign up processes above, Payoneer will send you a confirmation email to the email address account you used, kindly log into your email account and follow the process below;

  1. Check Your Mail

Login and locate the Payoneer account confirmation email, confirm your email address and click on the account confirmation link.

Then wait for about 15 minutes, you will be sent another message approving your request and a second link will be sent to you with the following message;

ABA # (Bank Routing Number):

Now, to verify your new Payoneer account, follow step 1 or step two guide below:

Step one:

Note that: Your US Payment Service is yet to be verified. And will have to verify it in order to ensure that payments you receive are credited to your account without any delay, follow the steps below to verify your service:

  1. Complete the US Payment Service Questionnaire
  2. Submit a copy of your government-issued photo ID

For more info and clarification as regards the US Payment Service, Kindly sign in to your Payoneer account and select the “US Payment Service” option from the “Receive Money” menu.

You can contact Payoneer for all US Payment Service inquiries by visiting or using the Contact Form. Click the links above and fill in the forms and your card will be sent to you (any country) in roughly a month time.

Step two:

You will have to wait until you receive your card which will either be delivered to your contact address or check the nearest post office to confirm whether it has arrived or not.

Once you receive it, sign in to your Payoneer account and enter your card number to Verify.

If your yet to have an account, click here to get a new Payoneer account now.

Hope this guide about how to get Payoneer card in Nigeria helped?

Please share this information to others who may find it useful across the web using any of the share buttons that are convenient for you, or kindly use the comment section if you have any other question or contribution regarding getting Payoneer card in Nigeria.

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