How to Setup Yahoo email Account on iPhone and iPad

Setup yahoo email on iphone

Using an iPhone and wana know how you can access a Yahoomail account in iPhone’s browser or Safari? Well that’s not quite the same thing as accessing the Yahoomail account with your iPhone’s dedicated email application.


Fortunately, the two works well together, and you can set up Yahoomail account in iPhone Mail and it’s just about unbeatable easy to do.

Access a Yahoomail Account in iPhone Mail

To configure or set up a Yahoomail account for (exchanging) sending and receiving emails using your iPhone Mail:

Step 1: Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen.

yahoo mail setup

Step 2: Go to Mail-Contacts-Calendars.


Step 3: Tap Add Account button… under Accounts.

yahoo mail setup

Step 4: Choose Yahoo!

Step 5: Tap your name under Name.

Step 6: Type your full Yahoomail address under Address bar.

Step 7: Enter your Yahoomail password under Password and Tap Next.

setup yahoo email on iphone

NOTE: Make sure Mail is ON.

Step 8: Tap Save.

Then Press the Home button and Access a Yahoomail Account in iPhone Mail 1 and 2.

Then you are good to go.

Use the following settings details for other field details.

Incoming mail server

Host name :

User name : just use your full email address

Password : Yahoo email password

Outgoing mail server

Host name :

User name : Your Yahoo full email address details

Password : Your Yahoo email password.

Step 8: Select ‘Next’ option. Your iOS device now will display “verifying” while it attempt to connect to the mail servers. Once the process is completed, it will display screen titled IMAP. Then tap save option to conclude.

Congrats! you’re done setting up a yahoo mail account on your iPhone. If you enjoyed this article , kindly share it using any of the social media share buttons you see or kindly drop your comments in the box below if you come across any issue on how to setup yahoo email on iphone.

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