2017 Guide on How to Use Google Map in Offline Mode with your Device

 Google Maps Offline Navigation | Offline Google Maps

Google Map comes with so many features that every traveller and navigator can’t afford to miss since you can use it both in Online and Offline mode. Personally, I love the fact that I can go to anywhere I have never been to before with the aid of Google map which comes with voice help while you use it as you travel. The satellite service of Google map gives you Satellite view of a particular area, town or city, it also gives a detailed Ariel Map details about Street View, Junctions and route navigation and shows your current location. Today, we will be looking at how you can use Google map in Offline Mode

The map service is totally free and it can be accessed anywhere in the world. Since the Google Map service runs on mobile devices, you can always download Google Map to your Android or iOS devices and don’t forget to keep up with its update from to time to time. It’s a great tool for road navigators. To make use of Google Map in offline mode, please use any of the two methods below to make use of Google map in offline mode.

Google Maps Offline Navigation | How to Use Google Map in Offline Mode


  1. Open the Google map app, if you don’t have it, Please download it here
google maps offline

google maps offline

  1. Now, search for the location you want on the Google map app for offline

google maps offline

  1. Kindly go back to the searching box and type ‘ok maps’ in order to make this location available for offline use on Google map.

google maps offline

  1. Hit the search button on the keyboard,



  1. Now, if you get a message that the location is too large to be zoomed in a little bit more and retype ok maps


  1. Click on save link so that the location can now be accessed in offline mode

google maps offline

SECOND METHOD on How to Use Google Map in Offline Mode

  1. Kindly search for the location in question where you would like to be available for offline mode.
  1. Zoom in and make sure the area is not too large upon zooming, then go back to the search box and clear the current text you typed in the box.
  1. You will need to click on “make this map available” and minimize the keyboard of your device.

google maps offline

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