Learn How To Use Yer Search Modifiers on Google search

Learn How To Use Yer Search Modifiers on Google search

Google’s search algorithm is very adept at returning the information you are searching for—even when you aren’t soo sure of yourself. But for those times when you know precisely what you need, you can refine your search results utilizing some basic modifiers.

Here’s a things you should know about it:

Exclude terms with a minus (-) symbol: If you, say, want to learn about wildfires in the Amazon rainforest, but not Jeff Bezos’s new unnecessary bits of hardware, then you can use the minus symbol to exclude all the terms you don’t want, i.e. amazon fire -kindle -phone –tv

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Use “OR” to combine searches: You can use this modifier for when you want to get two separate, but related bits of information. Google usually ignores capitalization, however, in this case, you need to use an all-caps “OR.” Google will return different results for capital city Tennessee or Spain than it does for capital city Tennessee OR Spain.

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Use quotations to search for the exact order: Searching “Danny Devito hair” will only bring back results that include all those words, in that order. However, a search for Danny Devito Hair (without quotations) will bring back a different set of results, which have all those words, but not necessarily in the order you searched for.

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