Macy’s | How To Apply For Macy’s Reward Credit Card

Macy’s reward Credit Card

Have you always wanted to get Star Rewards Passes to save more? Looking forward to joining Macy’s cardholder sale events to get extra savings? Like the easy and quick online account access? These are all great perks and benefits for Macy’s cardholders. With your Macy’s credit card you can enjoy all these great offers and convenience online.

Macy’s Credit Card Guide

With a Macy’s credit card, your bill-paying and account management will be fairly easy and quick. What’s more, you can enjoy great offers as a cardholder. To be specific, you will enjoy the perks and benefits as follows:

  • Quick, easy and convenient online bill pay service. You can take one-time payment and automatic payments service as well as check the payment history.
  • Manage your credit account with online access 24/7.
  • Receive Star Rewards Passes to save more.
  • Sale events for Macy’s cardholders to get extra savings.
  • Join the Macy’s Rewards program.

With online account management at, you will enjoy fast and secure Macy’s quick pay. A Macy’s Quick Pay made before midnight Eastern Time is processed to your account within 48 hours using the date your payment was submitted (72 hours over the Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays).

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Step by step guide on how to apply for Macy’s Credit Card

Open an account right now you will get 20% off on the day you are approved and the day after!

  1. Click “Apply Now” at credit card page. (If you are at sign in page, click “Macy’s Credit Card” among the bottom links to enter)
  2. Then you will be brought into a new page for application. Read the instructions at the top.
  3. Complete your personal information with your name, address, date of birth, Social Security Number and contact information and so on.
  4. Enter a valid credit card of 3rd party and your email address.
  5. Read the given Terms & Conditions and check at the checkbox below.
  6. Press “Submit” button and follow the instructions to finish card application.


Please note, it would be much convenient to create your profile first at the sign in page. And it happens when you try to view your account or make a payment it takes you to your profile page. It means that you have not add your account to your profile. To solve this problem, you’d better to get your account added. You can see the option to add a Macy’s account on the right side of your profile.

Guide on how to add a Macy’s account online

  1. Enter the account number as it appears on your card or statement without dashes or spaces.
  2. Input the last 4 digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number.
  3. Complete other required information and select “Update Profile”.


About Macy’s

Macy’s store founded in 1858, is a chain of department stores in America which belongs to Macy’s, Inc.  Macy’s stores specialize mostly in the retail sale of clothing, cosmetics, jewelery, watches, bedding and bath, dinnerware, and furniture. Currently, it operates 798 locations around America

Login your Macy’s credit card account online or apply for a new one at

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Except the auto redirection link from macy’s official site, there are some additional links are useful for you. In case you want to look for Macy’s credit card login page or more information about macy’s credit card features and benefits:

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