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Hurry now and apply to become an Online consultant or Online Guider in MMM Nigeria. The website is currently looking out for dedicated people as their support team and you cant afford to miss the opportunity of being an MMM Nigeria online consultant.

Read the exact words from the MMM Nigeria Website.

“We are looking for PROFESSIONAL consultants and operators of Call Center department to fill our online consultancy staffing at MMM Nigeria. We are doing online advertising attracting possible participants and once after their consultations with you they have decided to register, you will register them under you”.

“Consultants will receive 450 dollars fixed salary rate per month for a 6 hour work schedule. On top of this fixed salary rate, consultants will enjoy flexible system of bonuses as well. Firstly, 10% referral bonus from those you have consulted and registered. And besides that you will receive leader bonus for contributions made by the members whom your referrals had invited”.

“So consulting is one of the best way to start a Guider’s career. Consultants will have the advantages in applying for Guider’s School. We are recruiting ordinary participants of our Community only.

If you are active, responsible and willing to develop in our community — don’t hesitate to fill the form to apply and answer the questions under it!

We will check your communicative skills and train it in the best way!!!

How to Apply For MMM Online Recruitment

To apply for MMM Nigeria Online Consuktant, Kindly fill in the form using the link below:

Sign Up using this MMM Recruitment Form



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