Payoneer Philippines | How to Sign up for a Payoneer Account in Philippines

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Who is Payoneer?

Payoneer is one of the leading providers of international payment solutions, currently serving over 200 countries and 100 currencies. The Payoneer platform enables professionals and small businesses to receive payments only from international and public companies from around the world.

Why Payoneer Philippines ?

  • The service is Flexible: Get paid by leading freelance marketplaces like Fiverr.
  • Simplicity: you receive payments from companies anywhere in the world and withdraw your money via either your Prepaid Payoneer MasterCard or to your Local Bank Transfer
  • Lower Fees charges: Up to 50% less than leading competitors.
  • It comes with No Obligation: where you don’t have to pay for things like signing up or annual fees.

Philippines is one of the countries that have issues with PayPal, and as a result of that, Payoneer is a great PayPal alternative everyone in Philippines should adopt right away. You might have received an email from Payoneer asking you to create Payoneer account and Get $50 for FREE. That isn’t bad right?

Did I just hear you say yes? If you have aver gotten such mail, kindly go back to it and clicked on the image to sign up or read down and follow the step by step guide on how to  create Payoneer Philippines account.

If you are in Philippine and you are involved with any online business like (Affiliate marketing, 99design, Fiverr, hit revenue, etc.) then Payoneer account is something you must have. In this post, we will see how to create Philippine Payoneer account and how to get Payoneer Master Card in Philippine in just few clicks.

The Payoneer promo changes from time to time. It’s not always $50.

How to Sign up for a Payoneer Account | Payoneer Philippines MasterCard

From the Payoneer web homepage, you have to select your preferred withdrawal method which can be either:

  • By Prepaid MasterCard: Withdraw your money at any ATM worldwide or spend online and in-store.
  • Local Bank Account: Withdraw your money to your local bank account in your local currency. So to set up your account,
  1. Kindly Go to
  2. Click Sign up
  3. Fill out the online application form with the following info:
  4. First Name and Last Name
  5. Enter your email Address
  6. Type in your Date of Birth and Click Next
  7. Select your Country (Philippine)
  8. Enter your complete Address details
  9. Contact Number and click next
  10. Choose a security answer to the question you will choose and click on “Next”
  11. Now choose a security question for the answer above
  12. Enter a password
  13. Choose your account Username
  14. Enter Bank Account type
  15. The country location of the Bank
  16. Enter your local currency
  17. Enter your account Name
  18. Also enter your “Account Number”
  19. SWIFT / BIC
  20. What is your Bank Name
  21. Bank Code
  22. Bank Address
  23. Now, kindly confirm the all the information you entered, then Submit.

Congratulations! You just created a Payoneer account in Philippines

Just have to wait for your application to be reviewed before approval.

How long is the Application Process going to take?

Well, it varies for most people but it takes an average of 10 days to get your account approved by Payoneer.

So let’s say you applied for the Philippines’s Payoneer account on July 24, 2016,

Application should be received and be reviewed by July 25, 2016

Then your Application approval should fall in anytime from August 3, 2016

And by August 21, 2016, your Payoneer MasterCard will be delivered to your address, then login to your Philippines Payoneer account and confirm your MasterCard.

How to Login to Payoneer Account

  1. Kindly go to
  2. Click Login
  3. Enter your Username and Password and hit the login button.

Hope this guide helped? Please share or drop your comment if you have any question to be cleared.

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