Reason Why Bing Got The Pretty Pictures

Reason Why Bing Got The Pretty Pictures

If you love seeing a corporate logo all day. On Bing, you get an often exciting, beautiful, and educational image every day. If you missed one, click on the last week’s images via the arrows on the bottom right of the page; heart, share, or download your favorites.

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If you’re fortunate, you’ll see a mini-video in place of a still photograph, which irregularly pops up for things like moving water, landscapes, or skyscapes. Sometimes there’s also an option to hear the sound linked with the homepage image.

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The Bing homepage got a pretty picture; it offers news, weather, and stock quotes at a glance, as well as links to the online versions of Microsoft’s Office apps. If possible you don’t really like any of the extras—even the picture—you can turn them off in Settings.

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