How to Record Phone Calls on Android

How to Record Phone Calls on AndroidIn this century, We’ve got to make use of all our gadgets well. In today’s world, everyone wants to use the technology as per their requirements. One of them includes the recording of phone calls because sometimes it feels convenient to record phone calls so that you won’t miss any minor details.

On the other hand, it also feels like you are keeping an eye on someone’s conversation as evidence. This situation comes typically when you want to record phone calls when you are dealing with customers on calls and for many other reasons.

If you don’t have the android phone, then that sounds almost impossible to record phone calls. Now a day we have a lot of apps available on google play store using which you can use to record phone calls along with that we have many different methods using which we can record phone calls on android.

When it comes to recording phone calls, it sounds like we are spying on someone’s conversation which could as evidence to keep a record off. Before we start the step by step guide on how to record phone calls on Android, we must keep some relevant info about it in mind.
Is It Legal to Record Phone Calls on Android?

Almost no mobile company offers cell phones with the ability to record phone calls it could be due to the reason that it’s illegal in some countries to record phone calls and it also varies from one state to the other. If we talk about the legality of recording phone calls, so before you might face any legal issues you must know your country and state’s law and then continue to record phone calls according to your needs.

If we take an example of some countries then in the US its laws are different for every state whether they can do call recording or not. On the other hand, if we take an example of Spain then it’s legal there but only if you are involved in that conversation and doesn’t contain any personal intimacy.

Different Apps Used to Record Phone Calls

There are many different apps available one internet and google play store which you can download and use to record phone calls. But the methods we will tell you are most convenient and useful.

Different recommended apps used to record phone calls includes

  1. Automatic Call Recorder Pro
  2. Tape a Call Pro
  3. Call Recorder – ACR
  4. RMC: Android Call Recorder
  5. Call Recorder Pro
  6. Call Recorder Pro

Steps to Record Phone Calls on Android

You can follow the easy given below step by step procedure which will lead you to record phone calls successfully.

  • In the first step, you should have a google voice account to proceed if you don’t have then you can create your google voice account by visiting their online portal.
  • Once you have created your account, then visit google voice homepage.

  • After that click on a drop-down button next to setting icon and then click on setting.

  • Then mark the Enable recording checkbox present at the bottom of the page.

  • When you are through with that, you can record phone calls quickly and for that press 4 from your cell phone while the call is going on and both the caller and listener will hear a voice that call is being recorded and stop that press 4 again.

Record Phone Calls on Android Using Apps.

In this portion, we’ll give you the guide to record phone calls using android apps present on play store. Best apps to use for this is Automatic Call Recorder Pro. This is due to it easy user interface and proper working capability which attracts its users the most.

You can set your app to record every call automatically and has a better voice recording quality along with some other cool features. Using this app, you can also share your recordings to Dropbox & Google drive as well.
Tips to Record Phone Calls with Good Sound Quality

The most important thing you have to notice while recording phone calls is it should be a high sound quality so that it could be understood easily. The first thing you have to do for that is to listen to your calls in a quiet area, at any place where you could keep your conversation’s noiseless.

If you are sitting in a room with the fan turned on then you must remember to turn that off because sometimes it makes your recording quality poor due to the noise made by fans and recognises that you don’t have TV turned on in that room.

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