Review: Elite Keylogger For Mac

Keyloggers are the tool which is mostly used by hackers, but this isn’t still the case. It’s we regular folks even need it more. If you intend to monitor what your kids do on family’s computer, the kind of messages they send and the kind of websites they visit, installing a spy app on their devices or putting a crucial discreet logger on their computer might be the best approach.

If you also want to track the performance of your employees and know what they do during work hours, a keylogger installed on the company’s computers is the most comfortable approach to this. There are lots of keylogger Mac programs available, but there are specific features to look out for when choosing one.
Introducing Elite Keylogger

A keystroke recorder for Mac that has all necessary features and stands out is Elite Keylogger. I tried out the macOS version, and it works exactly as advertised. This Elite Keystroke Recorder for Mac records every single keystroke made on the target machine. Apart from this, every visited website is logged, and it even monitors the clipboard, letting you know things copied and pasted.

Setting up Elite Keylogger for Mac

This keylogger software for Mac is straightforward to install, and I was able to get it working with just a minute. If you’re installing for the first time, you would be required to choose between the free version which is visible to users or the premium version that silently works in the background. The free version of the software does not track passwords and your chats, but the Pro version tracks all.

Review Elite Keylogger For Mac

You might also be asked to input your computer’s password before the installation proceeds. This is entirely normal as it is required for the application to function correctly. You would also be required to choose a password for the app. This should be known only to the person setting it up.

Review Elite Keylogger For Mac

You would then be required to enable the app from your System Preferences.

Review Elite Keylogger For Mac

After this is done, you’re all set to use this app. It is not available in your Applications folder though, moreso; you sure won’t find it on the Launchpad. It doesn’t show in the menu section until you call it out with the Secret Keyword given while installing.


Review Elite Keylogger For Mac

  • This keystroke recorder for Mac has the primary characteristic of a keylogging app like saving records of keystrokes, a time the keystrokes are made, which user types them, and which app is used.
  • Elite Keylogger for Mac users also logs passwords unless you’re using the free version of the software.
  • You can also monitor the system via screenshots taken from time to time.
  • You can monitor clipboard content to know what is being copied and pasted into the target machine.
  • The web activity tracker lets you monitor all websites being visited.
  • You can as well monitor the chats from apps like Skype and the rest of them.

If you’re still thinking of how you can to record keystrokes on your Mac, there are helpful articles on the official website to get you started.

More Features

Review Elite Keylogger For Mac

Exploring the settings panel of the application disclosed more and plenty features. You can choose to have the log sent to your email address automatically at a defined interval. You can as well set the app to take regular screenshots at a specified interval. To prevent the log taking too much space, you can set the log to clear every two days automatically.
Verdict & Pricing

Elite Keylogger software for Mac is quite efficient and monitors a system well. Even though if you’re tracking your kids’ web action or you’re monitoring your employees’ performance for better productivity, it puts the tools needed right in the palm of your hands.

You can as well use the free version of the software depending on your personal needs. It still works unless you won’t be able to monitor chats and passwords, but it covers everything else. The Pro version gives you full access; it also unlocks all features and lets you use it in stealth mode.

You’ve got a 50% discount that could get you the single-user license for Mac for just $49.

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