Five2BTC Nigeria | How To Make 25 Million Naira with

Five2BTC Nigeria

Ok, so you have heard about Five2btc, the New and better way of making 64 Bitcoin every month if you are lucky to make it to level 5 with just $8 which is just 4400 Naira. If you are not making your money in Bitcoins, then these 8 reasons will show you that you have been dulling big Time. But then, people still ask is Five2btc a scam or let way to make cool cash online, My answer is capital YES!

Bitcoin is the future of money and Five2btc is here to make things easy for you.

Five2BTC Nigeria: So what the Heck is FIVE2BTC?


With platform, you can really make up to 64bitcon which is over N25 million With just N4,500 (0.01Bitcoin=$7.5)

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Now, In FIVE2BTC you only need up to 32 referee at level 5 to make your  64 bitcon which will give you over 25 Million Nigerian Naira, u will need just two referee to get things done and we can help you do that only when you register with the button below.

How to get started, First of all, you need to create your blockchain wallet at, please follow the steps below;

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Five2BTC Nigeria: How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet for your Bitcoin Account

  • You must have an email address
  • Go to
  • Click wallet
  • Click create new wallet
  • Follow the procedures and create your bitcoin wallet account
  • You will be sent a mail
  • Then confirm your email address with blockchain
  • Then login with your details (Your wallet ID and Your Password)
  • After successful login, you will see “send” and “receive”
  • Click receive
  • You will see a long alphanumeric character, that you were told to copy,

copy it ( like this ? 15XtHbdSqWqsp56dpTAvRPB3TRUn3vcag9)

  • Now, go to your Notepad and paste is there and save it so you can use it at anytime you need it.
  • That is your wallet address and you will be using it to collect and receive Bitcoin as you earn from any website or program like Five2btc at
  • Now, click on the Sign up button below to get started and once you are done, Send me your referral link on whatsapp, so we can help you with down line. Add us on Whatsapp with +2347037281050

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