Safety Banking: How Bank Account Hacker can Get You through Facebook

Bank Account Hacker

Cyber fraud is still on a high increase regardless to the fact that Government and technology is doing its very best to put a stop to it. Since technology that is fighting Cyber criminals is improving, the Criminals themselves are also on the fast lane of catching up with new vibes on how to carry out their fraudulent acts on people’s bank account. Here is how your bank account can be hijacked through your Facebook account.

Facebook being the most popular social media platform can be used in many ways to achieve different goals. This may sound crazy but the fact is that people are already victims of this Guys. If you have a Facebook account, then you need to read down this post and get something cool for yourself out of it. Below is how you can secure your bank account from being hi-jacked through your Facebook account.

Bank Account Hacker : How your bank account can be hacked through Facebook

The Hacker will simply access your name and date of birth from your Facebook profile and with the details he has, he goes to the Income Tax website and updates them. From there he obtains the pin card and mobile numbers and from there, he gets a duplicate pin card made. After this, he files a mobile theft complaint in a police station and presents the duplicate pin card and then, he gets another sim card from the mobile company through internet banking he is now ready to access your account. The Thief will now go to the site and uses the “Forgot my password” option and Now he easily gets past other options and gets the Internet banking pin on his newly acquired simcard and the logs into your account online again and heartlessly transfers your money into another account. And that is how you will get doomed for using Facebook.

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Note: This information was issued by the Cyber Cell Police.

Solution: How to prevent Hackers from robbing you through Facebook

You are hereby best advised to change and make an update to your original account details on Facebook if you are using Net banking. You can simply

  • Edit your Facebook profile and delete the birth date and mobile number

Hope this safety info about bank account hacker helped? Do share and save someone’s account.


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