The Best Place For Virtual Learning To Curb Unemploment

When you talk about digital internship or digital learning, then Slatecube is your number one go-to place. So far, Slatecube a website that aims to solve Nigeria’s unemployment problem through digital internship. The platform supports its users to learn courses online in few week/months. There are video guides and PDFs made available on Slatecube for users participating.

Slatecube is co-founded by a young Nigerian Entrepreneur; Chris Kwekowe with his younger brother Emerald Kwekowe. The Slatecube CEO in August 2016, turned down a Job offer from the Bill Gates, the CEO of Microsoft Inc.

Chris Kwekowe ceo slatecube

Chris Kwekowe: CEO Slatecube

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Hear from slatecube CEO himself, watch the videos below



With well utilization of slate, you will be able to learn different courses online and after which, you can be certified as a professional in the course you have learned on the digital internship platform.

Awesome Features of

  • Helping job seekers develop industry-relevant skills, gain work experience, and land well paying jobs through up-skilling courses and virtual internships

To get started, kindly register an account with Slatecube at



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