2016 Top 5 digital Trends that you need to know

Top 5 digital Trends

In recent times, nearly 43% of the world population is connected to the Internet favouring the iot sector of digital trends, This with, it enables us to talk, share photos and files, and conduct business a halfway across the globe, Now business transactions are now carried out among people who have never met before for the very first time. Video is another 2016 digital trend and is the best way to engage with millennials. Facebook live streaming, Periscope, Snapchat, and YouTube are on the rise now more than ever. Just in our Big 26 Tech predictions of 2016, We earlier predicted that iot will be highly favoured and digital media will grow in such a way that it will affect the native advertisement systems like newspaper and video ads will grow. Now you can see animated and video ads on Google, Youtube, etc. Hence we foresee that Facebook will join the video ads anytime soon from now.

On Digital Finance Service , “Most of the money will be redirected to blockchain projects, not just alone for the banks but for all industries as the stock market is going to collapse and gold will lose its lustre. Ethereum’s token “Ether” went from 30 cents to $10.50 as of today in a matter of months. Banks will be investing millions in the technology industry. Combined with IoT, AI and AR, the blockchain technology will be replacing tens of millions of jobs in a matter of years to come and not decades” —-Anonymous.

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In all these, more technological advancements have been seen in the past 10 years than it has been witnessed in the past 10,000 years. And more to be seen in the next five years to come.

The Top 5 Digital Trends of 2016,  a new presentation report created by John Greenough of Business Insider Intelligence, identifies the major digital trend in each of the top vertical areas which include Digital Media, Mobile, Digital Finance Services, E-Commerce, and the Internet of Things (iot).

Overall summery of the 5 BI digital trend report

  • In Digital Media, it;s reported that programmatic advertising has exploded in recent years.
  • In Mobile, You’ll notice that messaging apps have become the new OS overtaking letter, text messaging, email and many more.
digital Media

Source: Business Insider

  • In Payments, mobile wallets (credit and debit card use) will be the story to watch in 2016.

In E-Commerce, buying, deliveries and shipping are changing drastically as more online shopping malls are overwhelms shipping companies. As a result, shipping companies are raising their rates. But this increase is causing mega-retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, to create their own shipping solutions.


  • In IoT (internet of things), businesses are using the Internet of Things to lower their operating costs, , increase productivity, expand to new markets, and develop new product offerings making less job to be available for people.


Text and Image Source: Business Insider


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