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TrueCaller App Review

Too many sales-oriented or spam calls can make the average cell phone user aggravated  and make them  wish cell phones had never been invented. Luckily, True Software Scandinavia AB has created an application known as TrueCaller. This application allows the user to;

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  1. Wedge or block an unwanted call.
  2. Identifies callers.
  3. And permits the user to search for all public listed phone numbers published in 25 countries, such as Canada, India, Italy and the United States.

It also provides a simple blocking method that allows only specified important calls to the user to get through.

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Functions of TrueCaller App

TrueCaller app has the capability to perform certain useful functions, such as;

  1. Name display.
  2. Reverse number lookup.
  3. Location and number of the caller.
  4. And a social website feature that notifies followers when the user is on the phone.

The main covet of this application is its ability to hold up a list of callers the client blocks in order to avert unwanted calls, whether from salespeople or individuals with whomever the user no longer wants to speak with. Additionally, TrueCaller also notifies the client of spam calls that are being received and tagged by other users who utilize the application’s database.  This particular feature allows a TrueCaller app user to block spam even before they receive it.

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Features of TrueCaller App and how it works

After installing TrueCaller on Android, Symbian, iPhone, or Windows phone, a main screen will pop up showing the three main features:

  1. Call filter.
  2. search, and
  3. Update phone book.

The search function; this feature allows the user to search for public numbers, which can be saved to the phone book automatically.

Call filter; also has a database of phone numbers which have previously been tagged as spam by other users and will notify you when a blocked number is trying to access the phone. NB. A user can always put any number they want into the call filter data bank and ignore any unwanted calls

makers of TrueCaller acknowledged how globalized the world is now when they decided to improve their application with features that will allow the user to connect with their other social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Apart from being able to post status updates or messages, users can also view updates made by friends in real time. In addition, if it is available, a profile picture of whom is calling or texting the user is viewable on the screen, which is even more security to the user in the sense that he or she will know exactly who is calling them.

To wrap it up, TrueCaller gives you a seven-day trial application in six different countries; Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Italy, and the U.S., after which client can directly purchase the application from their phones or from TrueCaller’s official website. Due to solitude laws, TrueCaller was initially not available in the United Kingdom but is now running in that country as well. However, this application will work effectively as long as the user has an internet connection in their cell phone.

In conclusion,

as a method to keep away from any unwanted or unwelcome calls, TrueCaller is a obliging device for those who must handle a high volume of calls per day.


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