Ultimate Cycler Is Finally Back Online! Now Register Or Login

 Ultimate Cycler

Ultimate Cycler  is finally Back Online, So you can now Login to your Ultimate Cycler account or kindly Register for a new Ultimate Cycler account if you don have one. The Ultimate Cycler website can now be accessed via the default login page, although the site is yet to be 100% active. According to Peter Wolfing, the Ultimate cycler CEO, the networking  program got over 1.2 Million members in 45 days!  With which greatest percentage of its users are Nigerians. you can see the best team of ultimatecycler to join at ultimatecycler.ng

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“We expect MILLIONS of members in the coming months. For those that are members of UC, thank you for being patient” said by Peter the Ultimate Cycler CEO in. further more,

The UC networking program thanked Nigerians for their efforts and assured everyone that Ultimate cycler has not crashed.

The system have decided to upgrade its server to a higher carrying capacity as the former server isn’t too good for millions of global users that come into the site on daily basis. The new server should be able to provide faster and more reliable experience to its users.

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The UC website at www.ultimateCycler.com is now live with a limited capacity. Already existing users can have access to log in but no new sign ups because the load on the system is too much on the existing phase 1 server.  This will at least let the members not to panic and be aware that everything is being put in place and the MLM system has not crashed.  The phase 2 system is 90% done and will be converted over to that as soon as possible   So the stage two is still in its testing stage and will be ready in a few days. So if you’re and existing member of Ultimate Cycler, you can access your login page now at


You can watch this video from Peter Wolfing


Ultimate Cycler In Phase 1

As you already know, the server was taken down late last week to prepare the system for the massive growth to come.  The Phase 1 re-launch will be with the existing platform.

Ultimate Cycler In Phase 2

www.ultimatecycler.com upgraded system will be the Phase 2 and will be launched in a few days from now. The Phase 2 launching will have dual servers and a totally new site design.  It is 90% complete.

The new system of UC we will be offering an OPTIONAL one time $10 lifetime upgrade offer instead of paying the normal $10 upgrade per level.  This development can save you $50.

Now For those that have upgraded already, Ultimate Cycler will be grand fathering you at the lifetime admin level.  While for those that want to upgrade now, you can as well do so and also be upgraded once we hit the new system in phase 2. Once the new server has been launched, the lifetime upgrade offer will only be for new members only so get it while you can!

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