How to use search without any country redirect

Google country domains

In recent times, users have been finding it quit difficult to use for search which in turn to me gives a global and better result that result based on your location. Well, all these are because Digital intelligence has increased rapidly that most tech giants (not just Google) tend to serve users based on the country location. The fact that Google uses your cookies to monitor and track everything you do online has made results shown to you to be taken from two angles which are;

  • IP address (location)
  • User interest and activity. (the common things you do online with your device).

Since Google or other sites in most times, tend to redirect you based on location. Though a times it gives you better results of whatsoever you are looking for, still are still many reason my you should use without any country or location  redirect.

Overview of and Google country domains redirect

You and I already know Google to be the biggest and most powerful search engine. When compared to other search engine, Google take over 65% of the overall searches done on daily basis. Personally, I use only Google in all my browsers for research. As a Nigerian that I am, I do not restrict myself only to Nigerian content, and that is why I don’t use Google search by country rather, I try to reach out for things, topics and information beyond Nigeria.

In order to give users the best, the search giant of learning [Google] makes updates to their wonderful services, Google unlike every other good company improves on their services just to offer a better user experience and one of those updates is on Google search result.

Back then in early 2000s, Google serves users query based on global ranking from the best answers, but in recent times, Google search started giving based on location and shows you ads based on interest.

Why is Google search giving results by  Google country domains or location?

To me the reason for Google search by country is simple; it’s because in recent times, most countries have begun to give a meaningful, detailed, rich and unique answer to users queries based on location unlike back then in early 2000 when they were just very few useful information on the internet.

Now enough of the talk, when you type on your browser, it automatically redirects you to you country of location, for instance, as someone in Nigeria, I type on my browser tab, it will automatically direct me to The .ng means .Nigeria, So now the big question is

How do I use Google search without any specific country redirect?

It’s very simple,

  • Simply type on your browser, the term “NCR” stands for “No Country Redirect. This will keep you at the traditional and (probably) the default homepage of Google which is

Now you can search for anything on this Google page and you’ll be provided with a global result.

List of Google Country domains and prefix Redirects

United Kingdom IP will redirect you to 

Ghana IP will redirect you to

Poland IP will redirect you to

Switzerland IP will redirect you to

Canada IP will redirect to

Angola  –

Argentina  –

Austria  –

Australia  –

Belgium  –

Burkina Faso  –

Republic of the Congo  –

Ivory Coast  –

Cameroon  –

China  –

France –

Japan  –

Kenya  –

Mexico  –

Nigeria –

Germany –

Sierra Leone  –

Senegal  –

Somalia  –

São Tomé and Príncipe  –

Chad  –

Togo  –

Tunisia  –

Taiwan  –

Tanzania  –

Zambia  –

Zimbabwe  –

And many more

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