How to Use Hashtags To Get More Followers On Instagram

In this century we are in, most of talks us about social media and the most popular socializing apps on the internet, then there would be an comprehensive list to show. The socializing app which must be present on the top of the list is Instagram. If you are one of the people who keep active in the social circle, then you probably know that. But now We are talking about how to use Hashtags on Instagram to get more followers.

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram to Get More Followers

Instagram is one of the most used app with millions of users. So, when talking about Instagram, then it’s about gaining more and more followers. The number of followers you have become your viewers. It is one of the best socializing application to share/Post your pictures. When you want to get more followers on Instagram, then it is advised to use hashtags on Instagram.

By using the hashtags on Instagram would assist you to get you more follower. If we talk about some facts, then these points would make more overwhelming. According to which more than 40 million pictures are posted per day along with over 8500 likes per second. Now we will come back to our main topic which will help you to use hashtags on Instagram.

What do you mean by Hashtags?

The hash sign which would probably have seen on your keyboards is used to create your hashtags. The hash sign appears like this #. When we talk about the use of hashtags on Instagram, then what hashtags are? Hashtags are the hash (#) sign which is followed by a specific word or phrases of particular importance becomes the hashtags.

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram to Get More Followers

Now when you know what hashtags are, you must be thinking what’s the use of hashtags on Instagram or how they are going to assist you in getting more fans on Instagram? Instagram allows all the pictures of the same hashtags in their captions to be filtered under that specific hashtags.

Now we will take the example of all this how this happens. When you go to your Instagram account and search a specific hashtag for instance #nature, then the Instagram will filter all the images which contain the hashtag #nature on Instagram.

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Efficient use of Hashtags on Instagram

Once you have come to know what hashtags on Instagram are, then we will move on to the next step to get more followers on Instagram. This could be done by making the efficient use of the hashtags. Now you must be thinking what is meant by the good use of hashtags. You must have seen some hashtags are mostly used by everyone you don’t have to use that. Just keep in mind that there are always instagram trending hashtags.

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram to Get More Followers

Yes, you have heart it right that you shouldn’t be using those who are more famous or most used like #nature, #chilling, #love, #fun, etc. Now you might wonder why? The reason behind it is that if you use the popular ones, then the picture you have posted would become the part of such a cluster which would be containing millions of such image.

So, while using the hashtags on Instagram, this is to be kept in mind that you don’t have to use those which are very more frequently used. Instead, you should use which are not very common let us take an example of that. In case you want to post photos of a party then use #hangingout, #partyvibes, #friendsgathering instead of #fun, #party, #friends.

Using Number of Hashtags

When we are done with the appropriate use of the hashtags on Instagram, then we will move on to the number of hashtags we should be using. We come across different opinions regarding that, some of the stress of not using plus 3. On the other hand, we have some statistics regarding that which tells us about the number of the hashtags on Instagram.

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram to Get More Followers

It has been noticed that the photos which have minimum 11 of the hashtags on Instagram have more chances to be filtered out first and then continues to more than 9 & 5. So, if you want to get more followers on Instagram then use less popular hashtags in more numbers.

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How to use Caption for Pictures on Instagram?

Finally, you should know some useful and straightforward tactics you are going to use which will get you a load of followers on Instagram. You must use the location of your picture in the caption like #California, #Hollywood, #Office, etc. you could also use the occasion as the hashtags on Instagram like #NewYear, #Inauguration, #Wedding, etc.

It will give more uniqueness if you use your name and the camera used to take the picture like #iPhone6s, #Cannon, etc.

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