Verizon Yahoo – A Brief Look At The Homepage of The New Verizon/Yahoo

Verizon Yahoo

Verizon Yahoo

The sudden bid for the Internet giant, Yahoo depicts the chances that any company can fall no matter how big it is. Since the press reports confirm Verizon’s long-anticipated acquisition of fallen Internet icon Yahoo, it has indeed been a trending news on the internet. So now that Verizon have acquired Yahoo, What happens to the Web homepage of Yahoo. Today, we will have a look at the Verizon-festooned Yahoo homepage that is already active.

The URL is and it automatically redirects you to the link when you now search for on Google.

Verizon Yahoo page

Taking a very good look at the new web homepage, you will notice the prominent Verizon logo, name and links scattered all over the new Verizon homepage as well as links to Verizon FiOS and other Verizon services.


The Sports coverage, particularly the Yahoo fantasy sports services, has been considered a Yahoo strength for the company, which may or may not be related to the fact that the lead story covers a bus crash involving the Dallas Cowboys and the story directly beneath it addresses fantasy football.

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Still on the homepage, there’s more not pictured over to theright-handd side, including the trendy “trending” list and a personally localized news module.

Although as of the moment, remains active as well, yet to know if any change will be made about it or not.



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