www.americanexpress.com/activate 2017 | How to Activate Your American Express Card Online

www.americanexpress.com | How to Activate American Express Card Online

American Express! One of America’s biggest and highly trusted credit card provider. American Express provides a service that is quite simple to its customers which allows them to activate their newly-received American Express Credit Cards over the internet. The process is easy, it all boil down to activating your new American express credit card once you receive your American express credit card by entering the credit card number on the American Express web portal.

If you recently applied for a credit card from American Express and has been approved, then your card will be arriving very soon to email. Once you receive it, kindly activate the card to enable you to use it. The activation process is easy and by activating your credit card online, you get it ready for your shopping experience immediately.

Brief overview of American Express

American Express is a Mail and financial company based in New York in United States, it the most popular and widely used brand of credit card in the world. Statistics has it that American Express accounts for nearly a quarter of the total credit card market in the world. Founded in 1850, as an express mail company, became pioneers in the early credit card market by being among the first set of company to issue cards in 1958. That is 80 years after the first credit cards had been issued by Diner’s Club.

Requirements needed to activate your new American Express Card online

You will need to have the following materials in place before you can be able to activate your American Credit card.

  • Your credit card must have arrived
  • A computer with internet access.

How can you activate your new American Express Card online

  1. Kindly go to the American Express Credit Card Activation website at americanexpress.com.
  2. Login to your American Express account
  3. Enter your four digit Card ID as well as your American Express Card Account Number as it appears on your credit card into the required fields.
  4. Click on the “Continue” button.
  5. Follow the American Express Credit Card activation steps and complete the process as directed.

You can refer to the general American Express Credit Cards Information website if you have any questions, inquiry, etc about American Express Credit Cards service.

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