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A quick ovreview of www.confused.com

www.confused.com is the online web portal of Confused insurance company,  which belongs to Admiral Group, a British user price comparison website specializing in insurance and financial services. from this website, you can compare prices on a range of insurance and financial products. according to Loyal review,  it was the first insurance price comparison website in the UK, from this website, you can compare a wide range of Insurance and financial products and services like;

  • Car insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Motorbike insurance
  • Van insurance
  • Breakdown cover
  • Credit card
  • Loan
  • Energy, as well as financial services products.

However, this service website was launched in the year 2001. It is based in Cardiff, Wales with its offices located few metres away from the headquarters of the Admiral Group. you can read more about Confused website and Adiral group from Wikipedia.

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About Home Insurance Quote

Confused.com renders the most trusted home insurance quotations in the UK and also helps to save money on your home insurance. Moreover, Consfused.com searches up to 82 home insurance providers, for instance; Tesco, Churchill and the rest of them, and shows you a list of offers they can render and the price you see on the list will be the exact price you will pay. No terms and condition will be applied

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How to get a home insurance quote from www.confused.com

Getting a home insurance quote from Confused.com is a fast, simple, and completely free way for you to find immense deals and make the right choice on your home indemnity. With the help of Confused.com, you can almost certainly save at least £229. Furthermore, if you buy your home insurance policy through Confused.com before 31st March 2012, you will be competent to get a 2 for 1 dining card.

But before you begin, you will have to make the following available:

  • A computer with an internet access.
  • Your private particulars, such as your name, date of birth, marital status, postcode, house name or number, phone number and your email address.

Guide on how to get a Home Insurance Quote from www.confused.com

  1. Visit the Confused.com website at: http://www.confused .com
  2. Click on the “Home insurance” link and skip to the “Home Insurance Quote” page.
  3. Click on “Get a Quote”.
  4. Enter your personal particulars, for instance your name, marital status, date of birth, postcode, phone number, house name or number and email address, etc.
  5. Click on “next”.
  6. Type in the information of policyholder as required, then, on the page of “The Property”, you will be asked  and you will have to confirm and select the property(ies) you would like to insure.

Endeavor to follow the instructions to confirm your cover and then get your home insurance quotes.

For more information or inquries about confused.com, please refer to the Home Insurance FAQs at: http://www.confused .com/home-insurance/faqs or visit the Confused.com contact page to get in touch with the admin.


In summary, Confused.com gives you a range of home insurance quote from up to 82 leading home insurers, so you won’t have to search all the home insurance websites separately. Why not give it a try today.


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