www.hln.com | HLN Consulting Collaborative Approach to Information Technology


www.hln.com | HLN Consulting Collaborative Approach to Information Technology

HLN Consulting, LLC brings to the plate a collaborative approach to health information technology. HLN declares that, with its technology competency, business knowledge, project decisions and judgement, expertise in management and strategic thinking, it provides a full consultant services and support upon health information technology.

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HLN Collaborative Approach to Information Technology Instructions

HLN is committed to ensure an unbeatable partnership with their clients to make sure that they get the most practical approach, answer and solution in health information technology. It offers services with direct emphasis on public health informatics and also on health information exchange. HLN has invested great deal of efforts in the design, development, and use of specialized healthcare applications in core areas of public health, like integrated systems, immunization information systems, health information and exchange planning, etc.


Services offered by HLN are mainly in four different areas listed below:

  1. Needs Assessments & System Reviews

With HLN’s expertise assistance, Clients’ current state and value proposition would be assessed, existing system and future plan examined.


  1. Business Analysis & Process Re-design

While adjusting their techniques to suit the client engagement, HLN helps to clients’ business analysis and process design.


  1. Software Design & Development.

Different software and technologies are applied to produce the seamless reliable system for clients.


  1. System Planning & Operations

By using a variety of technologies and architectures, HLN designs and support system to meet clients’ needs.


Overview HLNConsulting, LLC

HLN Consulting, LLC,  connecting academic heritage and technology perspective by a collaborative approach to health information technology. It was was founded in 1997 by Dr.Noam H.Arzt. It is headquartered  at 72810 Hedgehog St, Palm Desert, CA 92260, United States of America. It offers a full range of quality consulting services to address their clients’ needs, problems and so much more.

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HLN Official Website –  www.hln.com

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