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Hushmail Review

PROS OF HUSHMAIL: There are no inbox ads just like Outlook.

CONS OF HUSHMAIL: Hushmail deactivates your account after three weeks of inactivity but Protonmail doesn’t do that.

There are varieties of service for your primary email account, but among the known services, Hushmail is one of them. Hushmail is a basic email service that has a decent level of security, but it isn’t the best service for your primary email account. Hush mail was created by Cliff Baltzley and was launched in the year 1999 by Hush Communications Corp. Hushmail is a web-based email

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Service offering PGP (pretty good privacy), encrypted e-mail (text into code or cipher) and vanity domain service. Hushmail offers “free” and “paid” versions of service. Hushmail makes use of Open PGP standards and the source is available. If public encryption keys are available to both recipient and sender (either both are making use of Hushmail or have Uploaded PGP keys to the Hush key server), Hushmail can convey valid, encrypted messages in both directions. For recipients for whom no public key is available, Hushmail will allow a message to be encrypted by a password (with a password idea) and stored for pickup by the recipient, or the message can be sent in a clear text.

A free e-mail account has a storage capacity of 25MB, but does not include IMAP or Post Office Protocol (POP3) desktop Service. If a user does not access or use a free account for three consecutive Weeks, Hushmail will automatically deactivate the account.  to reactivate your account, a  required amount are to be paid for a Hush mail Premium account. There is one type of paid account, Hushmail Premium, which provides 10GB of storage, as well as IMAP and POP3 service.

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Among the free email services, we reviewed; Hushmail is one of the few that hype its security above all of its features. While Hushmail is a secure solution for email Communications, the free side of the service lacks many of the features and functionality that make other web-based email clients so appealing while being just as secure as Hushmail.

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How much each of email inbox can hold in GB

  1. Hushmail: 0.02 GB
  2. Gmail 15 GB
  3. Outlook; 1000 GB
  4. Yahoo Mail; 1000 GB

Features of Hushmail

  • Email and encryption in one solution
  • Easy encryption
  • Send encrypted email to anyone
  • Multiple layers of security
  • Two-step verification
  • Business model built around privacy
  • Unlimited email aliases
  • Accessible everywhere you work
  • Gives you the opportunity for a personalized  domain
  • Data safely stored in Canada
  • Secure forms
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Email archiving
  • Catch-all email addresses
  • Email forwarding

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As part of its security features, Hushmail scans incoming email for Virus and the service is set out or prepared to filter any spammed messages, as is standard for free email services. This service also gives you the elementary function to create blacklists (unwanted email) and white lists (wanted email) to secure your email inbox even more. This means that you can inform the service which senders you trust and which field or purview you do not wish to receive email from. You can block field or domain names as well as individual email addresses. This is also a common place for basic email accounts.

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Just as said in the Pros of hushmail, One of the most appealing features is that it has no inbox ads

This is exceptional for a free email service. You won’t be able to see ads on the sidebar, in pop-ups or even along the top with this email service.

Moreover, Hushmail offers POP3 access. This means that you can access your email from a third-party service. For example, any Smartphone or other device running IOS or Android operating systems has the ability to access your Hushmail account through its email apps. This is vital for the way most people access their email today. Hushmail doesn’t have its own mobile app available from Apple or Android, but you can access through on your browser to access the service’s mobile site.

It will be a great surprise to you if I should tell you that Hushmail does not have a spell checker which has become the fundamental and vital functions of many or any online service. However i have to let you know about it because it’s the truth a spell-checker has become one of the most fundamental functions of any online service. However it has only a plain text message composer. Although Most of web browsers have this functions built in, but that’s no excuse to leave out a spell-checker in what is essentially a word processing service.

And I also think that they should do something about deactivating your account if not accessed for three consecutive weeks because it is like a stain to their name.


Hushmail is a capable and useful open email service. Though, nothing sets it apart as the best free email service. In spite of the Company’s endorsement of its high security, I found this service no more or less safe than the other free email accounts in the ranking. It also lacks some of the quality that makes the best free email services so suitable.


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