www.jw-rbc.org | Managing Your Invitations using Builder Assistant


www.jw-rbc.org | Managing Your Invitations using Builder Assistant

As a polished modern society citizen, it is of great importance to use online service for life convenience. Have you been thinking about ways you could track information about multiple types of construction projects online? Do you want view, define and manage your organizational structure as a hierarchy of departments? Then you have made the right step because Builder Assistant can help you realize them.

It is easy to finish Builder Assistant Login process.

With Builder Assistant, you find it easy to view, create, and manage crews, assign volunteers within the department to specific crews. Asides that, distributing crew leaders and assistants within the members of the crew is also available. It is also very convenient to see a list of all volunteers not assigned to any crew.

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Step by step guide on how to use to Builder Assistant platform

  • Login in to Builder Assistant Homepage at jw.rbc.org using your email address or RBC volunteer number and password.
  • In an event where you have forgotten you RBC volunteer number, you can click “forget RBC volunteer number” and then enter your e-mail address to request your RBC volunteer number so that you can get it back from your e-mail which Builder Assistant sends to you.
  • If you can’t remember your password, just click “forget password” and then enter your e-mail address or RBC volunteer number to reset your password.


If your volunteer account has been suspended, it means that you can no longer login to Builder Assistant. Don’t worry, your volunteer’s permissions won’t be changed. Moreover, you can activate it again and previous permissions will be granted to you.

You can contact Builder Assistant team at www.jw-rbc.org.

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If you encounter any challenge while logging in or using Builder Assistant, you can contact technical support team online to access help desk system. For additional help, you can leave a voice message at 919-275-0873 so that a support volunteer can contact you on receiving your message.

If you desire to change your personal profile details such as name, birth date and baptism date, you should contact the Personnel Department by sending e-mail t0 rbc2personnel@gmail.com.


About Builder Assistant

Builder Assistant is an online service provider ( www.jw-rbc.org ). It a system which acts in helping event creator to manage invitations and responses. When events volunteers have selected invited volunteers, Building Assistant sends e-mails to keep them informed. Afterwards, Builder Assistant ensures status tracking of the invitations. If e-mails can’t be received successfully, Builder Assistant provides the choice of printing a letter on hard copy format to send by postal mail. Builder Assistant is also useful in customizing departments to reflect RBC’s structure and scheduling events.

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Builder Assistant Online Help Center –jw-rbc.org

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