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Paypal.me was launched on the first of September 2015 by its parent company Paypal. The paypal.me platform is a personalized payment system where one can send and receive money using a custom URL.

According to gtpedia on paypal.me, “It’s all tied to the new paypal.me domain and basically gives you a personalized shortened URL that you can share with customers and clients that makes is ridiculously easy for them to pay or send you money immediately.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the step by step guide on how to sign up for a paypal.me account and how to make payments through the medium. The service is yet to be available in many countries like Paypal, we believe that very soon it will get to be accessed in all the countries across the globe.

Very importantly, hurry now and grab your name before someone else does that for you by grabbing your business name or your name which you may not like. Its just like securing your web domain name.

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With any device that has a good internet connection, you can set up the Paypal.me account, so let get started.

www.paypal.me | How to create a paypal.me account

  1. To get started, go to paypal.me or click here and click on the “Get Started button”
  2. Click on the “Grab This Link”

Do this once made up your mind with a name and entered your desired shortened URL (and do be careful about your spelling!).

  1. Log in to your PayPal account with your email address and password.

You do have two-step verification set up for your PayPal account, right?

If you don’t, please enable two-step account verification security on your PayPal account. It’s recommended way to keep your account more secure. Since you do have two-step verification enabled, you’ll also have a secret numeric sequence sent to you that you’ll enter to confirm your identity.

  1. Kindly entered the number and click “Continue”.
  2. Now, add and customize the landing page by choosing a color theme, adding photo and so on. To pick a specific photo from your device library, kindly tap on the CAMERA icon on the screen and upload any image of your choice.

If it looks good to you, then scroll down or swipe downward to be able to enter a succinct business description for your PayPal.me.

Confirm the spelling for your paypal.me username is correct for the last time and

  1. Click on “Create Your PayPal.Me” once you’ve done everything right with a good description.

Congrats! On your new paypal.me account.

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Now you can share your paypal.me link with people via any of the social media sites or try going to the new link itself with your computer’s Web browser to see what it looks like.

Here’s a secret, though: when you share the link with someone who will pay you, you can hardcode the amount that they should pay you to avoid misunderstandings. Simply append or add the desired amount (in even dollar figures) to the URL before sending it out. So if I wanted you to pay me $20.00 USD, I could share with you the URL: www.paypal.me/gudtalent/20/. Try it, click on the link.

Hope this tutorial guide was helpful? If it it, then please share it to your friends for me.

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